On their very first visit, every patient receives a comprehensive medical and social history, complete physical and functional assessment, and depression scale and mini-mental examination.  Our board-certified geriatricians will use this information to adjust and update the patient’s medical history and medication list, and order physical and other diagnostic exams based on each person’s need.

With the patient’s consent, family members are also encouraged to participate fully in the care of their loved one through open discussions with providers and staff.  In addition, the Center provides educational health and wellness literature to patients and their families to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

The Center for Geriatric Medicine is dedicated to the concept of aging well and maximizing independence.  We provide a full range of internal medicine services to patients 60 years of age or older in an outpatient setting, as well as chronic illness diagnosis and management.  Many health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and depression, are more common as patients grow older.  These disease processes will be evaluated and optimally managed with special consideration of the physiological changes that go along with aging and other co-morbidities.  Major emphasis is placed on the quality and dignity of life, as well as on compassionate and honest communication from our geriatric team.

Providence Center for Geriatric Medicine offers:

  • Medical management of chronic and acute conditions
  • Acute inpatient consultation and care at Providence and Carroll Manor
  • Preventive health care and maintenance
  • Pain management
  • Memory disease evaluation and treatment
  • Assessment and treatment of depression
  • Primary care
  • Outpatient geriatric assessments
  • A full range of support and coordinated care services

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