Providence helps patients addicted to drugs and alcohol stop using, help towards recovery, relapse prevention, and successfully recover their lives. We can help you overcome abuse for substances including tobacco, alcohol, opiates and prescription medication and heroin.

Each care plan is individualized and depends on the type and severity of the addiction. Our team is available to provide compassionate, expert care wherever you may be in your fight for recovery. The battle to win your life back begins with you making the first step. Providence will be there to fight with you.

Partial Day, Outpatient and Detox Treatments all provide services that include:

  • Medically supervised detoxification
  • Education about the primary disease of addiction
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Introduction to and preparation for 12-step programs
  • Referrals for further treatment

Recovery – To help the patient effectively integrate into the community, work, and family, we also provide:

  • Medication education
  • Education that encompasses coping skills, stress management and self-esteem building

Connect with our Recovery Experts:

Behavioral Health Services – St. Catherines1150 Varnum Street, N.E. Washington, DC 20017

(202) 854-7222

To speak to a one of our staff to determine the right course of treatment for you, call (202) 854-7222.

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