Sermorelin review [2020]: A Solution for HGH Restoration?

Sermorelin review, dosage, results, benefits and side effects: As we get older, we all wish we would look and feel younger. We also hope that we will continue enjoying our lives as before without the excess weight, exhaustion, and fatigue. Fortunately, innovative Medicine has developed a medical solution for this by offering Sermorelin Therapy. And this can help you regain your energy and vitality.

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Since it’s an amino acid peptide, Sermorelin helps stimulate your pituitary gland into releasing more Growth Hormone (HGH).

Also, Sermorelin is safe as it supports the natural increase of HGH. It even helps your body self-regulate its HGH levels.

By using Sermorelin, your body will rebalance your GH levels to normal levels if they’re too high. As a result, this medication is administered for anti-aging purposes and in treating growth hormone deficiency.

What is Sermorelin?

This is a GHRP (growth hormone-releasing peptide) that is made up of 29 amino acids. Since your brain produces Sermorelin naturally, it stimulates your pituitary gland to release more Human Growth Hormone. This then results in the many benefits linked to higher levels of growth hormone.

Often the aging effects occur due to the reduced production of the growth hormone in your body.

Sermorelin has, as a result, become very popular since it helps increase growth hormone production thus fighting the symptoms of aging.

Also, note that Sermorelin is not HGH, rather it’s a GSH (growth hormone secretagogues ) a class of molecules that stimulate the release of GH from your pituitary gland.

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Chemical Structure of Sermorelin

chemical structure of sermorelinWhile the natural and synthetic versions have a similar structure, they, however, have one distinction. The version that occurs naturally in your body is made up of 191 amino acids while the human-made version has 29 amino acids.

Due to this differentiation, the chemical name is GRH 1-29 NH2. Also, the 29 amino acids in this chain are not random. This is because researchers determined that they can stimulate the pituitary into releasing HGH.

That’s why the synthetic version is more beneficial since researchers can identify the compounds they need while ignoring the rest.

Sermorelin comes in vials that are accessible in doctor’s clinics or the hospitals.


Sermorelin is authorized for use in the diagnostic evaluation of the pituitary function and even for enhancing growth in children. The off label usage will include age-related or acute growth hormone deficiency.

This product has been used in treating children with growth failure or a deficiency of the growth hormone.

Geref boosts plasma growth hormone concentration through stimulating your pituitary gland to produce more GH.

Since Geref is similar to your full-length native hormone ( I.e 44 residues) it can induce GH release in humans. Also, it has been used in treating dwarfism and even in preventing HIV-induced weight loss.

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Mechanism of Action

Sermorelin works by binding to your growth hormone-releasing hormone receptors and imitates natural GRF in its capability to stimulate the production of growth hormone. Sermorelin acetate or Sermorelin boosts the concentration of plasma growth hormone (GH) by stimulating your pituitary gland into releasing more GH.

This product mimics the naturally occurring hormone (GRF [1-44]-NH 2) in humans that can stimulate GH secretion.

Sermorelin Therapy: A Solution for restoring HGH

look younger with sermorelinFrom the around age 30, the production of the human growth hormone starts declining in both women and men. So, when using Sermorelin therapy, you will be able to replace the lost HGH by using a compound known as Sermorelin acetate.

Sermorelin therapy as an anti-aging therapy will take several months before you can notice its effects. Although most patients get positive health effects in a matter of days or weeks after starting this therapy.

Even when your HGH deficiency is small, you are likely to start experiencing positive health benefits once you start this treatment.

Health Benefits of Sermorelin

By restoring your HGH levels, you are likely to enjoy many benefits. Lower levels of the growth hormone levels are linked to several aging symptoms like lower energy levels, decreased libido, increased body fats, decreased muscle mass,  signs of aging skin, slower metabolism and more.

Good news is that you can treat these symptoms with Sermorelin therapy. Also, some of its benefits are noticeable more quickly compared to others.

For example, it might take some time before your skin’s tone and elasticity improve, but your libido and energy levels will often improve a lot faster.

Also, changes in the body’s composition may be substantial even when you don’t work out, but when you do, you’ll get optimal benefits from this treatment and might see accelerated results.

Although the results will vary from person to person, clinical studies have proven that Sermorelin treatment will offer a range of mental and physical benefits, like:

1. Fat reduction

Obese or overweight adults have lower HGH levels than normal-weight counterparts. A study done on obese people indicated that they lost quicker when they combined dietary restrictions and a low-dose GH treatment. This was since HGH production can stimulate the breakdown of triglyceride and oxidation of adipocytes another name for fat cells or lipocytes.

2. Accelerated wound healing

The process of wound-healing requires the production of proteins, cell proliferation and migration. With the release of IGF-1, these functions are accelerated hence helping faster healing of surgical wounds more so the chronic ones.

3. Improved immune function

A strong immune system helps prevent illness, germs, bacteria and infection. HGH impacts your cell regeneration and this includes your immune cells. It also increases the release of antibodies (immunoglobulin) and cytokines (interleukin). additionally, it helps increase your white and red blood cells count. And all this boosts your immune functions.

4. Improves skin density

Your skin begins to lose collagen from age 30. note that collagen secretions of boosted by production of HGH. Studies have shown that if you have more collagen levels in your system, then your skin will be firmer, healthier and you’ll look younger.

5. Improves your Exercise performance and Muscle strength

Use of Sermorelin can greatly enhance your exercise performance though helping you recover faster and building muscles faster than before. Sermorelin helps restore your GH levels which can make your workouts easier. Plus you’ll have more energy which will allow you to get through strenuous workouts. It might take longer for this treatment to enhance your exercise performance, however, the effects will occur, and this is usually seen within 3 -6 months after beginning the treatment. Collagen, a type of protein is a key component of muscle tissues. It comprises of glycine, arginine, and proline which are conditionally essential amino acids. Studies have shown that when HGH is produced, it can support the formation of collagen in your skeletal muscles and tendons. This can even help you work out better and will also enhance your muscle strength.

6. Improves Your Bone Density

Another key health benefit you can enjoy from this treatment is that your bone density will be increased to youthful levels. This is important as it helps prevent debilitating injuries as you age together with joint and bone disorders.

7. Improved Mood

Lower levels of HGH are often linked to mood disorders and even low libido. This is because decreased hormone levels are associated with lowered energy levels. Therefore, by restoring your growth hormone to normal levels can give you an energy boost and improved mood. This is even helpful when treating mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

8. Better Sleep Quality

Good quality sleep plays a key role in determining the right levels of HGH that your body produces. However, as we age, your quality of sleep also tends to decrease. Lack of proper nutrition, exercise, and hormone levels are factors that can affect your sleep cycle. If you cannot get enough rest, or you have poor sleeping patterns, it’s likely that your body can’t release sufficient HGH. People who’ve started using Sermorelin have reported getting better sleep quality. Since their sleep cycles are returned to the more normal levels, they’ll experience more deep sleep. Because this product can regularize your sleep cycle, this has major health ramifications. Hence your bodies can now naturally release the right amounts of HGH which will help you recover from daily life activities and exercise.

9. Increased Energy Levels

One of the primary symptoms of aging is reduced energy levels. This is because your HGH levels decline inevitably. However, when on Sermorelin therapy, this condition can be corrected as it replaces the lost hormones. As a result, your body can now break down fats easily; the broken-down fats are then turned into energy. Many people who’ve used this therapy have also noticed mental and visual clarity, which to them feels like a boost in energy levels. It’s also a relief for people with chronic conditions like arthritis and body aches. Some have even reported experiencing recovery from these health conditions. Also, others have noticed an improvement in their symptoms resulting from tissue-repairing effects of HGH.

10. Increase in Libido

Together with decreased energy levels, those who suffer from growth hormone deficiency may also experience decreased libido levels. The process of aging may have unfortunate side effects such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. For people with decreased hormone levels, they have more difficulties with sexual relationships. Growth Hormone production can be helpful in restoring your vitality once again. Since Sermorelin therapy is responsible for inducing the production of HGH, then it can be the perfect solution in revitalizing your sex drive. What’s more, it is also a remedy for treating any sexual dysfunctions. Many men have noticed an improvement in their libido as well as sexual performance. Even others have reported reduced issues around premature ejaculation.

11. Better Heart Health

Persons with lower hormone levels have a greater risk of developing heart disease. Also, they might develop other issues related to heart conditions like changes in heat size and function. This is due to the higher likelihood of developing premature atherosclerosis (that’s plaque build up in your heart’s arteries). Again, premature atherosclerosis even increases the risks of heart attack and stroke. That being said, Sermorelin therapy can benefit your cardiovascular system in numerous ways. This medication helps smooth and relax your blood vessels, thus allowing blood to travel more efficiently throughout your body. This HGH therapy helps reverse the heart-related issues in six months.

12. Relief Muscle and Joint Pain

Growth hormones are essential for joint and muscle health. If your growth hormone levels drop, then you might experience pain in your joints and muscles. Use of Sermorelin therapy can help relieve the pains in these areas. This then leads to loss of the excess weight and even gains in your muscle mass. This therapy works by helping prevent joint deterioration which can be a symptom of arthritis. Also, it helps reduce the risk of getting Osteoporosis. Remember that, optimal levels of the growth hormone are also important for your connective tissue’s health such as synovium which is found in joints. Thus, it helps improve your joint health.

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Sermorelin With GHRP2 & GHRP6. What’s The Difference?

Although both these amino acid peptides help release GH, there is an observable difference in the GHRP-6, which accelerates the digestion of food. We should also add that this particular peptide belongs to the first-generation GHRP.

What differentiates GHRP-2 is its capability to cause a more intense release of the growth hormone. Being a second-generation GHRP, GHRP-2 is best for people who want to gain optimal value from GH releases.

But then, if increasing a low appetite is your main concern, then GHRP-6 may be the best choice for you.

Sermorelin Is Best Used Consecutively For Several Months

While you may notice some of the faster results we have mentioned above in a matter of weeks, but for you to get the real results from this therapy you’ll need to continue taking it for about 3 to 6 months. Also, this does not mean you cannot take Sermorelin for 12 months or more because it’s a safe treatment.

Plus there have been no indications and reports showing that it can have negative health effects with long term usage. To get many of the results such as higher bone density, improved skin quality, improved sleep quality, a youthful body composition, and more.

Then you might need to continue with this therapy for extended periods of time. However, after you’ve used it for a few months continuously, the heightened production levels of HGH will often maintain itself for some months.

And you could even choose to stop using the therapy for some time.

What to Know Before Administering Sermorelin

Below is a look at some things that you should first consider before using Sermorelin injections. Allergies- You should avoid using Sermorelin if you’re allergic to it.

Health problems – Before administering Sermorelin, always mention to your health practitioner if you have one of the conditions listed below:

  • If you’re considering getting pregnant soon or are pregnant
  • If you are nursing
  • Have had a head injury or any disease that affects the brain
  • Have a serious illness or medical condition

Drug interactions

You can avoid drug interactions with this medication by mentioning all the medication you are on to your doctor as you receive Sermorelin. Remember to mention over-the-counter drugs, prescription medications, and even supplements.

If you’re taking Sermorelin, mention to your doctor if you are using any of the below-listed medications:

  • NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ) like Indomethacin and Aspirin
  • Glucocorticoids like Beclomethasone, Prednisolone, Hydrocortisone, Dexamethasone, and others
  • Insulin
  • Medicines that impact your thyroid gland, like Clonidine,  Propylthioruracil, Levodopa, Atropine

Dosage Info

Sermorelin comes as in injection form and it can only be accessed in a doctor’s clinics or a hospital. You must only get Sermorelin injection as directed by your doctor. Keep in mind that Sermorelin dosage will vary from one patient to the other based on their age, weight, and gender. When it concerns bodybuilders, the recommended dose is 0.3mg – 0.5mg every day.

Since this product comes in the form of an injection, then you might have a little pain when injecting the hormone into your system.

Precautions to Take

When you using Sermorelin, it’s important that a health practitioner monitor your progress regularly. That means that you should avoid missing any lab tests or clinic while receiving Sermorelin. Also, avoid getting pregnant or breastfeeding when you are receiving treatment with Sermorelin. When you do, make sure you call your doctor immediately.

Avoid using any supplements, medicine, and herbal substances while you are getting Sermorelin therapy unless your doctor advises you otherwise.

Potential Side Effects

A large percentage of the test subjects may develop anti- GRF antibodies about once during their treatment with Sermorelin. While the implication of these antibodies isn’t clear as yet, and often the positive test in one growth assessment becomes negative when getting the next assessment.

This means that the presence of these antibodies does not seem to impact the growth hormone or seem to be linked to a particular adverse reaction profile. Also, there have been no generalized reports of allergic reactions to the use of Sermorelin.

However, the most frequent treatment-related adverse effect (that occurs in about one test subject from 6) is a reaction to a local injection that is often characterized by redness, pain, or swelling.

Out of 350 patients who have used Sermorelin in clinical trials, only 3 discontinued therapy as a result of injection reactions.

Other side effects that are treatment-related had an individual occurrence rate of under 1 per cent and include dizziness, headache, urticaria, flushing, dysphagia, hyperactivity, and somnolence.

When administered Sermorelin intravenously for diagnostic purposes, the following negative reactions have been noticed: nausea, flushed face, pain on the injection site, swelling and/ or redness, nausea, vomiting, headache, dysgeusia, tightness in chest area and pallor.

Tips for you!

Today, you are likely to come across many sites online that are offering scores of supplements for developing your body and overall wellness.

However, you should avoid buying any supplement without having the basic information about it. Below, is a list of some things that you should look for when getting growth hormone supplements and peptides.

  • Always look for supplements that are made from high-quality ingredients. Be sure to read through the labels of several growth hormone products available on the market. From there, you can then choose the one that you consider to be useful for your condition.
  • Always buy supplements/peptides from a reputable seller who will offer you the best GH supplement at a reasonable price.
  • Also, remember to compare different sellers to confirm which sellers offer detailed information about safe dosages to use.
  • Once you are satisfied, you can place an order with them. In so doing you will avoid risking negative effects on your well being.
  • Note that Sermorelin therapy can only be administered by certified health practitioners, therefore, only get this product from a doctor’s clinic or hospitals. And before using Sermorelin, be sure to get a prescription from your doctor.
  • All bodybuilders and athletes need to know that steroids or growth hormone supplements are not legal in some locations. And a doctor’s prescription is needed to get this from the local pharmaceutical stores.

Final Thoughts

Sermorelin therapy is an effective way of restoring your bodies’ natural growth hormone levels, with no risks of overproduction. This product is most beneficial for aging adults as it helps boost the-much-needed human growth hormone levels.

Also, it helps relief most age-related health issues. Some patients even claim to have gained a new sense of vigour and vitality. Note that the Sermorelin therapy must only be used under medical attention for you to get optimal results.

Only work with professionals who will develop a program to help you reclaim your good health and vigour with Sermorelin Therapy.

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