RAD-140 SARM (Testolone): Before and After Results, Dosage

RAD-140 SARM (also known as Testolone) is in the new category of experimental drugs identified as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or “SARMs”. Taking SARMs can potentially help you lose 20 to 25 pounds of fat and even help you put on between 15 to 20 pounds of muscles. All these gains, in a matter of several months.

rad 140 testoloneWhat’s more, when you take SARMs, you’ll experience little to no harmful side effects as compared to anabolic steroids.

How’s this possible, you ask?

To answer you, we’ll need to look at SARMs “mechanism of action,” which means how SARMs bind selectively to androgen receptors. (We cover this after looking at SARMs history)

SARMs have frequently been shown to cause few side effects. Even then, they’re still amazing at helping you grow muscles. This is because they only target particular androgen receptors within your body that are linked to muscle growth.

As they do this, SARMs also disregard other receptors that can cause nasty side effects (as is the case when you’re using steroids).


In 2010, this SARM was developed by a pharmaceutical company by the name Radius Health. And this SARM is currently experiencing an upward swing in popularity.

Although it was initially developed for treating osteoporosis, this compound has to date found many different uses, such as in treating breast cancer.

RAD 140 (testolone)

This compound’s generic name is RAD140, but it’s more famous under the brand name —Testolone.

Initial trials of Testolone were done on mice and monkeys. From these trials, researchers found that Testolone triggered gains in lean muscle mass and even strength without raising blood pressure or affecting the prostate.

These results were different from those provided when using anabolic steroids. Plus it caused no harm to as there was no rise in the levels of the liver enzyme (transaminase).

Additionally, research showed that these compounds prevented brain cell death, while simultaneously providing neuroprotective effects.


Testolone stimulates anabolic processes by focusing on androgen receptors within your skeletal muscles. And these are the muscles that you can readily control, for instance, your pectoral, biceps, deltoid, etc. In essence, these are muscles you activate during workouts, plus the ones on your legs.

Like other SARMs, Testolone doesn’t aromatize or convert to DHT. Since it has all the positive benefits that Anabolics provide but without the negatives, RAD140 is the drug of choice for your enhanced workouts.

Increased testosterone levels will help increase your strength and grow more muscle mass yet retain them during cutting.

Testolone is possibly the safest and best SARM on the market. Thus, you can look forward to enjoying similar results when using Testolone as you would from a Dianabol cycle, but without the ugly side effects.

RAD-140 in Bodybuilding

Order RAD140Since Testolone’s main strength lies in its anabolic effects without the aromatizing negative side effects, this SARM targets androgen receptors but won’t convert into oestrogen.  This compound can enhance your endurance, lifts, and lean muscle growth and also decrease your fat deposits.

Besides, if you’re already taking steroids, you could use this product to close the gap between two cycles.

The best part, you’ll not experience finger or jaw growth as is the case when on human growth hormone. Also, you won’t have expedited hair loss since your testosterone does not convert into DHT.

Besides, you won’t grow man boobs since RAD-140 SARM doesn’t aromatize.

Also, because it targets your skeletal muscles without touching your endocrine system, your T-levels will normalize soon after you discontinue usage without experiencing a low testosterone phase.

But you’ll benefit from some insane strength boost. Because of this, Testolone is here for years to come.

RAD-140 SARM Half-Life

This compound has a half-life of 20 hours, and this means that using it once a day will work great for you.

While our colleague took his dose in the morning, some users prefer to space it out all through the day. That said, this might not be necessary more so when you consider RAD140’s long half-life.

But, you are free to choose what works best for you provided it’s within the recommended dose.

How to Take RAD-140 effectively

If you’re not a fan of needles, then no worries—since SARMs aren’t injected, but are instead taken orally.

Once your order of SARMs arrives, you’ll get vials that have droppers.RAD140-Testolone Capsules

And to take them simply empty a full dropper of this compound into a glass of water then stir it around, then drink it up.

And if you get your SARMs from Sarms4You, as we do then your RAD140 vials will be dosed at 15mg for a full dropper what’s more follow this link to get 10% off deal from Sarms4You.

One thing to remember is to be consistent and administer this compound at the same time each day.

And if you’re new to taking SARMS, it’s advisable that you start low with a dose of 10mg a day for several weeks and then gradually increase your dose.

Dosage for Men

Men using RAD140 should take a recommended dose of 10-30mg each day in an 8-week to 12-week cycle.

Dosage for Women

As for women on RAD140, the recommended dose is 10mg each day in a 4 to 8-week cycle.

Also, after completing each cycle we recommend you fuse a PCT that is specifically developed for raising your testosterone levels. ORDER RAD-140 SARM TODAY FROM THE BEST US-BASED SUPPLIER


Ideally, you don’t need to stack RAD140 with other SARMs as it’s extremely powerful and will provide you with some amazing results when you run it on its own.

With that in mind, SARMS work well in synergy, thus you can use one to amplify the effects of another or cancel out the side effects of another.

But, the stack you use will depend on your desired goal that is if it’s bulking or cutting you wish to achieve.

For bodybuilders on a bulking cycle, combining Ligandrol (LGD4033) and Testolone will work incredibly well. Also, the combined dosage of the two products shouldn’t exceed the dose you’d take when only consuming Testolone.

  • For weight loss needs: Combine 10mg of RAD140 with 20mg of Cardarine each day.

Some bodybuilders also take RAD140 with Ostarine (MK-2866) for improved recovery.

Other stacking combos that might interest you are:

  • For improved stamina and endurance: You can combine 10mg of Testolone with 10mg of Andarine. And be sure to use Andarine as a pre-workout substance.
  •  For increased appetite: You can combine 15mg of Testolone with 25mg of Ibutamoren.


We always recommend you use a PCT after completing your SARMs cycle. This is crucial as it helps boost your testosterone levels back to normal.

As for our colleague, all his SARMs PCT needs are followed by using RED PCT 2.0. And from his blood test results, it works like a charm.

And all you need is one bottle that can last you for the entire SARMs PCT.

To take it, you only use one pill together with lunch, dinner, or breakfast for 30 days, and you are good to go.

Now, we are coming to the best part of using Testolone; the results. So, let’s dive right in.


Like with other SARMs, Testolone is extra specialized for one purpose: stimulating the androgen receptors within your body. As a result, your body will build more muscles than ever before!  Pretty sweet, right?

This is the strongest SARM on the market and its effects are out of this world. So, what can a Testolone cycle do for you? Let’s find out.

benefits of rad-140

  • Increases your Testosterone Levels

    Testosterone is known to play multiple beneficial roles within our bodies. A study showed that RAD140 raises your natural testosterone levels and this leads to improved cognitive performance during attention span tests.

    Also, you’ll feel more alert and energized throughout the day. This does not end there; testosterone also helps with better mood, higher libido, stronger bones and many other amazing benefits.

  • Increases your Metabolism

    If your slow metabolism is interfering with your weight, then RAD-140 is just the thing to help you. In addition, it helps reduce fat thanks to the increased rate that your body is working at.

  • Increases your Raw Muscle Mass

    RAD140 has higher anabolic activity and this makes it grow your muscles like crazy. As mentioned above, there is not SARM that better fits the job as it’ll give you some nice muscles from one cycle.

    Helps Increase your Stamina and Energy Levels

    This comes as no surprise as those using Testolone go crazy in the gym and they feel like they can conquer the world. Also, you are likely to see yourself working for longer without getting tired.

  • Huge Increase in your Strength

    While on RAD-140 SARM, you’ll be able to overcome your previous limitations by exerting some effort. You’ll feel more powerful and even others will notice your increased strength.

  • Increases your Vascularity

    You’ll notice this during workouts and outside the gym, but RAD-140 will give you some truly astounding vascularity. The best part, this will stay that way even after you have completed a cycle. Therefore, your gains will be permanent.

  • Potential treatment for Breast Cancer

    Though research is still underway so far the results are promising. According to studies RAD-140 can decrease and disinhibit breast cancer cells within the body.

    And with all these great effects on your body, you’re surely wondering where to get the best RAD-140. For best SARMS deals, click here to enjoy a limited sale from the #1 US-based manufacturer.

Does RAD-140 Have Any Side Effects?

The majority of the research carried out, shows that RAD-140, better known as Testolone, is safe for you to use. And according to chemistry, this compound anabolic ratio is 90:1.

Based on this info, it means that Testolone is 90% as powerful as pure steroids, however, and that it only has 1% of side effects.

While some people experience some side effects from this compound—but we’ve not heard of any. Many people do tolerate RAD-140 quite well.

Next, to answer your question…

Where Can I Buy RAD 140 Online?

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As always, we always recommend that you get your SARM products from a reliable vendor to avoid getting fake products—or even supplements that will only risk your wellbeing.

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Closing Thoughts

So far, we have broken down SARMs and in particular, Testolone and how it works. We’ve also looked at how to use this compound and the recommended doses for both men and women.

Therefore, you should be at ease when using them.

Also, its side effects are not as serious, not to mention the benefits are immense. But, because this SARM is only offered for research purposes, you must ensure that you’re getting the real product.

This means you should be extra careful when it comes to the vendor you source your Testolone or any other SARMs from. Also, you should be more cautious about the doses you take.

At the end of the day, if you buy a quality product and take it as recommended and accompanied by a supporting workout plan and a healthy diet, you’ll see incredible results without dealing with any complications.

And remember to run PCT once you complete each cycle unless you run blood work and it confirms that everything is normal.

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