Peptides: What These Smart Ingredients Can Do For You [2020 Updated]

In essence, peptides are building blocks for protein. Amino acids link together to form an amino-peptide ( a chain they form) thus becoming the basis of all proteins. The most important protein in your skin is collagen which is found beneath your epidermis (skin’s outer layer) in what’s called the “dermis”.

what are peptidesThe dermis is the skin layer made of fats, blood vessels, nerves, elastin (which makes the skin stretchy), and collagen.

The skin’s collagen peptides make up 80% of the dermis and it helps the skin look smooth and firm to give you that radiant and youthful we all seek. When you are young, you normally produce collagen at a pretty high rate.

But, as you grow older, that rate starts to slow down. After age 20, the body produces about 1% fewer collagen peptides each year for the skin which then completely stops production by age 40. Not so great news.

Peptides play various roles in your body from influencing your body’s healing process to functioning as neurotransmitters and also how your body reacts to exercises and diet.

As you age, the levels of growth hormone and essential amino acids in your body start to decrease resulting in multiple deficiencies like depression, reduced focus, high cholesterol, muscle pain, reduced sex drive, slower metabolism, memory loss, faster weight gain, decreased energy levels, hair loss, changes In mood, inelastic skin/wrinkles

Why peptides? You may ask.

Peptides are may be much easier for your body to absorb as compared to proteins since they are more broken down and smaller than proteins. In addition, they can easily penetrate your intestines and skin, which makes it easier for them to enter your bloodstream much faster.

The peptides found in supplements often come from animal or plant sources of protein like milk, eggs, meat, soy, fish and shellfish, lentils and beans, oats, wheat, hemp seeds, flax-seed

Besides, scientists are more interested in the bio-active peptides, or those with a beneficial effect on the body and can positively influence human health.

Note that, different bio-active peptides offer different properties. Also, their effects on your body will depend on the amino acid sequence they contain.

The most popular peptide supplements available today are:

  • Collagen peptides, that are beneficial for your skin health and help reverse the impacts of aging.
  • Creatine peptides, that help build muscle mass and strength.

Also, some people will take peptide hormones and other peptides to boost their athletic activity.

However, WADA, (the World Anti-Doping Agency) has banned most of these peptides including follistatin, a peptide responsible for increasing muscle growth.

How Peptides Work

Peptides work by stimulating your body to naturally produce the growth hormone. This helps slow down your body’s aging process together with increasing your longevity and quality of life.

How peptides workPeptide therapy offers a multitude of benefits which include:

  • Improved immune, nervous, and cardiovascular systems
  • Higher energy levels and improved mood
  • Enhances sex drive and improved sexual performance
  • Combats Osteoporosis
  • Accelerated hair growth and tightens skin
  • Enhances memory and focus
  • Improves your sleep pattern
  • Supports faster growth of lean muscle mass and flexibly
  • Faster recovery times with less joint pain
  • Lowers cholesterol and boosts metabolic rate

What Are Some Standard Peptides And Their Functions?

As earlier mentioned, peptides are natural and can be sourced from animal and plant proteins like soy, meat, etc. Different sourced peptides will offer you a variety of physiological effects. For instance, there are creatine peptides for muscle mass and strength and collagen peptides for the skin.

Other peptides help promote weight loss, sexual functions, and cell repair. Some more peptides and their role in the body are;

  • Ipamorelin which targets anti-aging
  • IGF-1 LR-3 that promotes fat loss, muscle building, and energy maintenance.
  • Ipamorelin also acts similarly
  • PT-141 & Melanotan 2 promote sexual function
  • BPC-157 & thymosin Beta are crucial for cellular repair

If you are considering getting peptide therapy, it is important that you think about what’s specifically ailing you and what you want to improve.

And by talking about your desires and goals, a provider like Nu Image Medical can tailor for you the best peptides to suit your needs.

Categories of Peptides

To start us off, there are Hexapeptides that are made up of six amino acids chains. The acetyl hexapeptide-3, one of these peptides is offered as it is can relax some kinds of facial wrinkles. Also, it’s suggested that this category of peptides can diminish the creasing that results from fine lines, delivering you effects similar to Botox.

Benefits of acetyl hexapeptide-3, when compared to Botox, are that it’s non-invasive and may be applied all over your face. This peptide unit is trademarked as Argireline. Also, newer peptide formulations function like growth factors which stimulate the skin cells to provide a faster turnover, similar to younger skin.

Thus if you’re concerned about peptides and their potential side effects on your overall health, there’s no need to worry.

As we have seen earlier, peptides are a chain made of 2 or more amino acids which are linked together. These are derived from the foods we eat like dairy, red meat, and other common foods. Also, you find them in skincare and anti-aging creams. Peptides are amino acids that are not big enough to be proteins. And due to their natural sources, they are not likely to cause you any side effects.

Next, there are copper peptides, which possibly the most unique peptide. Copper peptide is a small fragment of a protein linked with copper. These peptides are said to help increase the rate of skin regeneration and wound healing. The interesting thing about these peptides is copper is normally a toxic metal. But the only safe way you use it for the skin is to blend it with peptide chains.

Then, there are pentapeptides, and the most popular pentapeptide is palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 which is trademarked as Matrixyl. This peptide is to found in various anti-aging supplements that are sold today. It purportedly helps stimulate the production of collagen in lower layers of your skin which helps increase its firmness.

After there’s palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7, that is made of a four amino acids chain coupled with the palmitic acid. Palmitic acid is a fatty acid that allows the peptides to enter into your skin.

This peptide can be useful in combating inflammation, the main culprit behind the loss of elasticity and even the development of wrinkles in aging skin.

The palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 may not only decrease the production of those inflammation-producing substances but can also stimulate skin regeneration.

And finally, we have palmitoyl oligopeptide, which supports collagen and hyaluronic acid production in the innermost layers of your skin.

This peptide works more efficiently than other peptides listed above, thanks to the claim of its protecting your skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

One thing to keep in mind is that there seems there is no peptide blend or ‘best’ peptide. There are numerous high quality, noteworthy peptides out there, and even more, are being created or discovered at surprising speeds.

And like with any other skincare or antioxidant supplements brands, not all are made equal.

And what this means is that there’s no best product as yet but, what you should choose is a doctor prescribed peptide therapy for customized blend for your condition.

Healing From Within

As far as repairing is concerned, your body is normally pretty good at taking care of itself. There are natural processes and order for things like skin and tissue repair to take place. Scientists have determined that peptides are among the reasons why our bodies are able to focus on specific areas that require healing so efficiently.

Your body utilizes amino acids to support the optimal functioning of different parts of your body like building muscles mass or immune system. Peptides act as messengers thus they send signals through neurotransmission or use functions that imitate hormone activity.

The peptides ( tiny protein chains) attach themselves to the receptors on the surface of the cells and instruct other cells or molecules on what to do.

Since it is a natural body element, peptides are well-tolerated by your body when injected into your bloodstream and will thus function very specifically. When used for injury repair, the peptide chains will offer you prompt and efficient relief.

Choosing Your Weapon

As you battle to attain healing benefits from within, there are 5 different peptide elements you could use in helping your body receive a fast-track to wholeness. For people who are in their middle age or getting higher in age, they are likely to have a major decline in growth hormones levels. The growth hormone is responsible for how well your body recovers from an injury.

By using peptide therapy for sending a targeted message to heighten the production of this hormone becomes a way you can fight aging symptoms in your body. The HGH (human growth hormone) is a crucial component that helps communicate new growth needs for cells, promote joint rejuvenation and increase in muscle mass.

The peptide plan that targets these areas is HGH therapy. Here, the HGH peptides work together with your hypothalamus and pituitary gland to encourage the increased release of the hormone. This occurs naturally thus improving the communication in your body to restore and heal your body’s natural functions. Besides being used to support injury repair, this therapy is also used as an anti-aging agent for countering the degenerative effects of aging.

Realize that the only thing limiting the quality of life you desire and deserve is how well you care for your body and develop it’s potential. By following an active lifestyle, balanced diet, and the use of a potent secret weapon called peptides, you can maintain your body in good repair and healthy in your later years.

Nu Image Medical uses a new yet futuristic approach to provide you with optimal wellness and health.

You can take advantage of their anti-aging, weight loss programs. Also, their programs are medically supervised thus they will offer you customize programs for your condition.

What’s Inside Peptides

Before we look at whether peptides are suitable for you, let’s first look at what is in them.

Peptides are small proteins that are comprised of less than 50 amino acids. However, fewer amino acids have recently been demonized as they can potentially give an unfair advantage during sports.

That said, branding all peptides as evil can result in people overlooking the many other benefits these small proteins have to offer.

What you should note is that when used in small doses, and under medically prescribed and approved products, peptides can be your body’s best friend.

Should You Use Peptides

As you shop for any products that contain peptides, you must always check whether the benefits provided outweigh its side effects. And like with other substances that you don’t know much about, avoid buying your product from unregistered suppliers (or even borrow from a friend).

Use of these biological compounds can offer you numerous benefits.

Whether its healthier hair and skin and hair or you wish to improve your athletic performance or want to shed some weight, peptide supplements can work for you.

Even then, we always recommend that you consult your doctor to figure out if its safe for you to use. Also, if you have any doubts or questions, be sure to discuss them with your doctor.

Peptide Hormones As Ingredients In Supplements

PEPTIDESDietary supplements that contain the so-called “peptide hormones” (at times known as “peptides”) are marketed for offering various benefits, including weight loss, muscle growth, and also anti-aging.

But the question remains, do they contain peptide hormones?

“Peptide hormones” are hormones that comprise of up to 50 amino acids that are produced by your body.

These hormones circulate in your blood and perform specific functions in the body. What’s more, peptide hormones can be made synthetically (in labs) for medical use.

Unfortunately, the misuse of these peptide hormones can result in serious health problems. Additionally, very few of them (if any) are legal components for use in making dietary supplements.

Note that orally consumed peptide may not enter in healthy adult’s bloodstream. How is that? Well, this is because they’re normally broken down during digestion into individual amino acids.

As a result, they’ll not offer you the same result as when the peptide hormone is injected into your bloodstream.

Some manufacturers market products that are to be delivered sublingually or buccally (under your tongue or through cheek membranes in your mouth) which serves to avoid the digestive process.

However, such products are not categorized as dietary supplements and the same applies to skin creams, transdermal patches, and injectables.

Also, synthetic peptide is sold on the black market and oftentimes are abused by athletes because of their performance-enhancing effects.

Synthetic peptides Ipamorelin and Sermorelin, and others, are marketed for anti-aging (smoothing wrinkles) effects, fat loss, sexual vitality and building muscles.

CAUTION: Peptide hormones that are sold either as dietary supplements or in other forms—are not safe for use other than when prescribed under the supervision of authorized health care providers.

These products pose safety and serious health risks.

Why Use Peptide Therapy?

Here’s a look at the many health benefits provided by peptides:

Possible benefits of using peptides include enhancing immune function, reducing inflammation, and preventing blood clot formation.

Research shows that bioactive peptides can help:

  • Kill microbes
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Bring down high blood pressure
  • prevent blood clot formation
  • improve your immune function
  • Work as antioxidants

Often, people use peptides to help them achieve the below effects:

Slow down aging

Collagen, a protein is found in your nails, skin, and hair. Collagen peptides are the broken-down collagen proteins which can be absorbed more easily by your body. Administering collagen peptides can improve your skin health and even slow down the process of aging.

Some studies show that dietary food supplements containing collagen peptides can help treat skin wrinkles. While other research shows that these supplements will also help improve your skin’s hydration and elasticity.

Peptides can stimulate the release of melanin, a skin pigment, that will improve your skin’s protection against damage from the sun.

Also, topical anti-aging cosmetics may contain peptides, that manufacturers claim will help firm your skin, reduce wrinkles, and even increase the flow of blood.

Improve wound healing

Since collagen is a crucial component for healthy skin, the collagen peptides can cause fast wound healing.

Also, the bioactive peptides can help reduce inflammation and even function as antioxidants, that can enhance your body’s healing ability.

Presently, research is ongoing on antimicrobial peptides, that can may also help improve wound healing.

Note that having very low or higher amounts of some antimicrobial peptides can contribute to some skin disorders like as rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.

Prevent bone loss due to aging

Research on animal links the moderate consumption of collagen peptides to bone mass increases in growing rats who, in addition, did running exercise.

This study might be pointing to collagen peptides as a helpful way to fight bone loss due to the aging process. Nonetheless, more research is needed especially on humans.

Build muscle mass and strength

Research done on older adults shows that the collagen peptide supplements may help increase muscle mass and even your strength. In this study, the participants combined the use of the supplement with resistance training.

Also, creatine peptides can help improve strength as well as help grow muscle mass.

Although fitness enthusiasts have been taking creatine protein powders for years now, the popularity of using creatine peptides is now increasing in popularity.

Use of these particular peptides is easier for your body to digest. This means they can cause fewer digestive issue compared to creatine proteins

Are There Risks Involved?

The short answer here is: no. Supplementation of peptides is not likely to lead to serious side effects due to their similarity to those peptides you currently consume in your diets.

Since your body already uses peptides to signal between cells, your body is capable of recycling these peptides, and this serves to prevent any accumulation or the need for detoxification.

The one risk you should heed is the authenticity of those peptide supplements you’re purchasing and using. For this reason, you should find a knowledgeable and trustworthy provider to deal with.

Why not consider Nu image medical’s help with their Sermorelin therapy? This treatment will ensure that you keep healthy HGH levels as you grow older.

It is safe for you and it works with your body’s natural processes. Therefore, it will improve a wide variety of age-related issues.

NOTE: If used wrongly, peptides can potentially lead to side effects that vary depending on the users.


Peptides are a key ingredient in combating ageing and should, therefore, be included in your everyday anti-aging arsenal – since your cells need to behave as the healthy young cells would in slowing down the aging effects.

Even then, you stand to gain more by including peptides into your present anti-aging regimen.

Although retinoids remain the gold standard for fighting wrinkles, if you can’t stand them, then peptides are your next best thing to use.

Although peptides may help you burn off fat while eating, working, sleeping, and even talking, they must be taken along with other lifestyle factors for several months for you to attain the best results

Keep in mind that no peptide blend is considered as ‘best’ peptide. There are many high quality, notable peptides out there, and more are created each year at surprising speeds.

And like with any other skincare or antioxidant supplements brands, not all are made equal.

And what this means is that there’s no best product as yet but, what you should choose is a doctor prescribed peptide therapy for customized blend for your conditions.

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