Penomet Pump Review 2020: The Natural Way to Increase Your Penis Size without Risking Your Health?

Today, our Penomet review will be examining a well-thought-out penis pump and all the different packages you can choose from when buying it. Penomet’s mechanism of action is founded on the use of water in the pump’s tube. Water is used as a substitute for air. And thanks to the availability of water, it’s possible to maintain an even tension around the surface of your manhood.

Penomet reviews

Due to the application of the pumping action, your penis will gradually grow to the length and width you desire. The uniformity of pressure is achieved due to the specially developed design of the penomet pump.

This is what makes it effective in helping men increase both the circumference and length of their penises.

So, if you’ve already decided to buy a penis pump, it’s important that you keep in mind that each pump is made differently. Meaning some are more comfortable and effective when using than others.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a penis pump that’s effective, safe and comfortable to use, then Penomet may be just what you need. Let’s dive even deeper to learn more about this product and what it can offer you.

Scientifically Developed Penis Pump

Penomet’s development took many years of research which involved numerous products testing as well as direct feedback from customers.

This product has, as a result, progressed into a ground-breaking penis pump. Also, it uses a one-of-a-kind water-assisted system known as Gaiter which lets you raise the pressure without causing harm to yourself.

After this product was introduced into the market, this system has never been replicated.

What is Penomet?

This product is a unique penis pump that was introduced to the market in 2011. This pump will help you increases your penis length and girth. It’ll also help you address premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Use of this pump will also help boost your self-confidence, increase sexual stamina and even reverse the effects of Peyronie’s disease. 2 years worth of studies were done before launching this product to ensure that all the features that users desired were included.

From its launching date, the popularity of Penomet began to soar. What’s more, the innovative design and features have won many awards. And it’s currently the only penomet pump that comes with the CE marking. This mark shows that the strict EU compliance requirements have been met.

Penomet Awards

Also, Penomet has been honoured with SGS certification to show that it satisfies both the US and EU laws for manufacturing silicone.

This certification also means that the product is toxins-free and without trace amounts of any dangerous chemicals. This product is effective and safe for you to use.

How Does Penomet Work?

This device works by placing your penis into this enlargement device. Though the pumping, a vacuum is created which then moves blood to your penis hence causing an erection. You’ll even notice on your first time when using this pump that it appears thicker and fatter than before.  Hence these hydro pumps provide you with noticeable results after your first time of use.

How to apply it for Erectile dysfunction?

erectile dysfunctionYou should apply Penomet before engaging in sex to help generate an erection before engaging in sex. After achieving an erection, you could also wear cock rings to help maintain your erection. This is helpful especially if you have a hard time keeping an erection.

For those who experience erectile dysfunction then the often you use this pumping device the better for you. Using this device daily will help train your penis soft tissue to allow more blood through. And this helps to noticeably boost your erections.

How to Utilize this product for Premature Ejaculation?

If you choose to use Penomet to treat premature ejaculations note that the process of use is pretty simple. Simply apply it before you have sex to help give you some sort of a numb sensation that will immediately let you have intercourse for longer.

You’ll only have to apply the pump for 5 to 10 minutes before having sex to allow you to keep going for the extended time immediately after its use.

Using Penomet for Increasing Your Penis Size?

If you get this product for enlarging your penis then you’ll notice positive results after your first time of use. So, if you’re serious about gaining the extra length and penis girth, then you will have to use Penomet for 5 days per week for about 15 minutes each day during your shower or bath.

When you regularly use this pump for enlarging your penis, you’re more likely to achieve excellent and amazing results provide you invest your time.

Why Should I Use A Penomet Penis Pump?

There are many reasons as to why you need to consider using this penis pump. So, why use this penis pump?

  • Improve your Sexual Performance

penomet bannerMany ladies will want to have a man who can satisfy them. It is a bad show when your lady keeps complaining about the size of your penis yet there’s nothing you can do. Luckily, there are a number of remedies you could try but choosing the penis pump can help make things easier for you.

It’s easy to use since all you need to do is buy it then start using it at home. This method for penis enlargement is unlike any other methods that might require that you have some downtime. This penis pump will help boost your sexual organ thus making it possible for you to satisfy your partner.

  • Increase Your Penis Length

If your penis size is a big concern for you, you don’t have to worry if you are able to use Penomet penis pump. This penis pump comes with a special design that exerts force onto your penis muscles. This, in turn, will help increase your penis length.

If you’re in search of a way for you to improve your penis size, then the use of recurrent force on your penis muscles can play a major role in gradually increasing its size. By using different gaiters in your penis pump makes it possible for you exert different levels of force on your penis pump.

And this will cause an increase in your penis size. According to various Penomet reviews, many people have used this penis pump and many of them agree that it’s an effective method that you can use for increasing your penis size.

  • Helps Increasing Your Penis Girth

Other than increasing your penis length, you should also consider growing the girth. This is something that many men desire in order for them to achieve greater performance. For improved sexual performance, the girth size and length of your penis needs to be big enough.

The Penomet penis pump has a unique design that allows for stretching your muscles so that your length can be increased. At the same time, it will expand your penis thus increasing the girth. As a result, your sexual performance will improve greatly if you increase both your girth and length size of your penis.

  • Helps You Manage Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is one issue that disturbs many men. The good thing is Penomet’s special design and how it works may be used in addressing the problem of premature ejaculation. When your penis muscles are trained through pulling and stretching, they will tend to become stronger to the extent that they can control your ejaculation.

If you can control the penis muscles contractions, then you can easily avoid the uncomfortable problem of premature ejaculation.

How Can I Use Penomet?

The Penomet penis pump is designed for easy use. Therefore, there’s no complication even if it’s your first time using a penis pump.

Even then, there are a few steps that you should follow to get the penis pump working for you. These steps include:

  • Fill up the Pump’s Working Flask with Warm Water
  • To start with, you need to fill the device’s working flask with some warm water. Make sure the water isn’t too hot.
  • Then steam your penis for around 5 minutes in this warm water before starting the suction action using the pump.
  • The steaming of your penis is necessary as it’ll make your penis pump more effective. Note that these muscles are warmed, they are likely to respond more to suction.
  • Insert Your Penis inside the Flask
  • When inserting your penis into the flask, you must force down the gaiters to allow your penis to squeeze in the flask while keeping an airtight environment.
  • Once you’ve inserted your penis into the flask that holds lukewarm water, you can then proceed to do pumping movements which could last to about 120 seconds.
  • Remove All Water after a Session
  • After performing the pumping actions for about 2 minutes, you will need to open the valve positioned at the base of Penomet’s flask to release all the water inside the pump.
  • After you remove all the water, be sure to set your pump aside and rest for around 10 minutes. Thereafter, you will then do again the whole process.

This pump is safe for you to use. Plus the use of a water environment while suctioning helps reduce scrubbing as well as other discomforts that may result from these mechanical actions. Also, there are no hematoma issues or straining linked to this pump. If you’ve ever used other pumps before, you’ll realise that this pump is one of the most efficient penis pumps you could use.

Again, it will provide you with great success as you try to increase your penis size.

penomet order nowPenomet Additional Features

There’re some different features which you should know about as you use this penis pump.

  1. Pressure Relief Valve

Penomet’s 360-degree pressure releasing valve can be found at the end of this pump. It’s a tiny plastic nub which you should move to one side. This makes it possible for you to somewhat decrease the pressure hence making the pump’s pressure on the mark. Also, this valve releases pressure after you’re done using it.

  1. The Measurements found on The Pump’s Sides

This pump has some measurements on its sides so you will be able to follow your progress since this feature lets you see your gains you while using this penis pump.

What Do The Gaiters Do?

Gaiters are the devices included after you have bought your Penomet penis pump. The main function of these gaiters is to apply force on your penis. There are different gaiters available that you can use to exert different levels of force to your penis.

If you’d like to enhance your suction experience when applying the pump, you could always opt for a gaiter that has a higher force capability. You could use a basic package that has few gaiters or choose a premium package that comes with several gaiters which will exert higher force levels on your penis.

Why Are there diverse Coloured Gaiters?

You might or may not know why these gaiters all have different colours. The rationale for the different colours is since they each come in different strengths. The strengths are available in this order Purple, Blue, Black, Grey, and Red.

Purple is the recommended gaiter you’re to start with then keep increasing your force up to the highest force available. Each gaiter can easily be separated by pulling it from the plastic. And to place a different force gaiter you’ll only need to push it onto your pump and it’ll fit into the groove.

The gaiters are well designed and are easy to remove as well as reattach. And this makes it easy for you to change the power and strength of your pump. If you opt for the Penomet standard package you’ll only receive the black gator along with a pump.

Also, the oil you will get with the Penomet premium kit has to be used for cleaning the gaiters. This oil is a cleaning solution that is silicone-based. This cleaning solution will help keep all the rubber in great condition and maintain your penis pump device and keep the gaiters clean and hygienic.

If you want to get replacement gaiters you should get them from their official website.

Penomet X 85 Green Monster Gaiters

The X85 rubber gaiter is the strongest one that you can get on the market. The Green monster gaiter is available on its own and isn’t included in the packages offered by Penomet developer. That being said, we, however, don’t recommend this gaiter level for pumpers who are just starting.

You should have been pumping for about 6 months before you even consider adding the Penoment X85 green monster to your routine.

If you have already attained your first inch then you notice that your overall progress is plateauing then this gaiter might be the answer to your problems. This gaiter will take your penis enlargement outcome to the next level.

We have found this green monster gaiter to be a lot stronger than the red gaiter offered with the premium package. Also, it is even stronger than the Bathmate HydroXtreme edition.

Is It Safe?

This penis pump is safe for you to use. It is made using safe materials that will offer you the best suction and not expose you to any kind of side effects.  The Penomet pump is water-based. Therefore, it won’t expose you to lots of friction which could lead to tissue damage on the penis.

This penis pump is one of the safest devices that you can apply in achieving great success as you try to increase your penis size.

Remember To Always Clean It

Always make sure that you clean the pump. You could use a brush and some soap or dishwasher to clean your penis pump. Failure to maintain it clean it will attract bacterial which can lead to more damage to your penis. Every time you apply this device, you should always remember to clean it before storing it safely.

Pros & Cons of Penomet

  • Comfy to wear – This penis pump is made using safe materials that are gentle on the skin. It’s a safe penis enlargement device that you can wear easily.
  • Safe to apply – You don’t need lots of training before using this penis pump; also its design is easy to use.
  • Better orgasm – If you’ve been having a hard time reaching orgasm, use of this penis pump will provide you with great results.
  • Simple design – This penis enlargement device has a simple design which ensures that you have a few things to pay attention to as you use this penis pump.
  • Hard erections – Once you start applying this penis pump, you can rest assured that you’ll achieve hard erections.
  • Gain inches permanently – All your increases in penis girth and size that you’ll achieve when using the Penomet penis pump will be permanent.

Where Can I get A genuine Pump Kit?

Any variant of this penis pump is only accessible from their official website.

We recommend this as the only place you’ll be able to get a new unused penis pump kit for your use. If by chance you find a similar kit somewhere else. Then it is more likely that that is a second hand or a fake one.

So, if you’re worried at your pumping device is a fake you can look for the CE markings. Hence if it does not have any of these markings on the pump then it isn’t a genuine pump.

buy penomet pumpWhich Package Should I Pick?

The Penomet penis pump is offered in three main packages. You have a choice between the standard package or the premium package.

Penomet Buying Options

The Penomet exercise pumps come in 6 different colours. This gives you a choice of the colour you like from a drop-down menu prior to making your purchase.

Although the clear pump is a best-seller, you are free to choose the colour you like. Also, as mentioned earlier, you can choose between 3 different packages. Below is a quick look at the 3 packages on offer.

Standard Package

This package option comes with one gaiter and a pump. And if you prefer you can buy the standard package then buy the 4 extra gaiters later on. The gaiter that comes with this package is a force 70.

Extra Package

Penomet extra Package contains a pump and 3 different pressure gators. These gaiters have force 75, 70, and 65.

Premium Package

Finally, there is the Premium Package which contains a pump, 5 different pressure gaiters as well as a shower strap.

This shower strap is included so that you are able to use the pump as you shower.  The 5 gaiters forces include 80, 75, 70, 65, and 60.

By choosing the premium package, you’ll have more choices hence it’s the best package out there.

The Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturer is so confident that the Penomet penis enlargement pumps work that they offer users who get this product a 60-day money-back guarantee. The refund policy is for people who are not entirely satisfied with their results. And if that’s you, simply send the pump to the company and get a full refund.

This refund guarantee lets test this penis pump risk-free for 60 days.

Final Thoughts

order penometPenomet is an amazing choice for men who prefer using water-based pumps.

This penis pumps are powerful and can be upgraded depending on the strength level that suits your needs. Different options of strength are accessible when buying the premium package.

If you use this product regularly for a number of months, your results will become permanent. Based on the numerous Penomet reviews available online, many of its users have been happy with their results.

Most of the reviews looked at the different package options available. Also, its users have reported that this pump helped them attain their goals.

Again, users were amazed by the gains they got in girth, the various forces available as well as the assortment of gaiters.

So, if you’re looking for a large penis pump that can last you long provided you take good care of it, then Penoment might just be the thing for you.