Nugenix Reviews & Results [2020]: The Easy Way Boost Your Free Testosterone Levels?

This Nugenix review aims to closely examine this supplement from every angle as we try to determine whether it deserves a place among the best testosterone boosters on the market today.


order nugenix at amazonOne common problem that men experience as they get older is having low testosterone levels. But, the good news is there are several ways that can help you stabilize these levels to get them to optimal levels.

To help fight the symptoms that come with low testosterone levels, many men end up searching for supplements that can help increase their T-levels while reducing the said symptoms.

Even then, in the recent past, the supplements market for testosterone boosters has exploded with numerous products. This is great since customers have more choices now than ever when it comes to choosing a supplement.

The downside, however, is the fact that there are many different products available on the market, that is has become difficult to choose the right one for you.

But, through reading the information in this Nugenix review, you’re sure to narrow down your options to the one that suits your needs.

What does Nugenix Claim to do?

The Nugenix supplement aims at helping men whose free testosterone has started to reduce due to ‘andropause’. Generally, these are men of good health, but they might be experiencing fatigue, low libido, and even low self-confidence.

Also, Nugenix is said to have “clinically studied ingredients” which are claimed to promote:

  • Energy,
  • Testosterone
  • Strength
  • Muscle Mass
  • Libido

Order nowHow Will You Benefit From This Product

Nugenix supplements have a good amount of solid as well as proven ingredients that help increase testosterone production in the body. Also, the product label is more impressive and informative than most other Testosterone boosting products.

Overall Nugenix has a high potency and it contains different active components, and all have shown to raise the levels of this important hormone.

The use of all these great ingredients in the Nugenix formula is responsible for its many exciting results which include:

  • Increased stamina
  • Improved mood
  • Elimination of the hard-to-lose body fat
  • Retained muscle size even when you aren’t exercising
  • Enhanced sperm production
  • Enhanced sexual activity


Nugenix supplements are made from a blend of special components that include:

Nugenix IngredientsVitamin B12 – This vitamin plays a key role in supporting your general health and well-being. tIn addition, it helps reduce the feeling of tiredness and in the normal release of energy. It’s an important inclusion in any supplement since some people don’t receive enough of it through their diet.

Vitamin B6 – A decent ingredient found in many supplements. Vitamin B6 is renowned for its different roles in various functions in the body.

B6 Vitamin contributes to the energy-yielding metabolism as well as the normal functioning of your nervous system.

Zinc – Another key component for supplements in this category. It is well-known for the role it plays in supporting a whole range of natural processes in your body. Some of its roles include helping maintain normal testosterone levels.

Most men don’t get enough Zinc through their diet, so receiving some more from this supplement is a good idea. Also, 1mg serving for 3 capsules is on the lighter side.

L-Citrulline – This amino acid is present in watermelons. And it’s commonly included in pre-workout supplements as it’s thought to offer some exercise-related benefits.

Though not a bad component, no evidence shows that it can help with the main purpose of this supplement.

Testofen (Fenugreek) – A decent ingredient for supplements like Nugenix. Fenugreek is a spice that is usually used in curries and other dishes.

This ingredient has shown promise in helping with several things. It is also included in the making of many top products that fall under this category.

Tribulus Terrestris – Tribulus is often found in similar supplements. It is often included in some of the first products that hit the market.

A plant extract that is popular in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine. It was taken to help boost men testosterone levels.

This ingredient can help those men experiencing low testosterone symptoms in improving their sexual performance. In addition, it can help bodybuilders as they workout.

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Who is Nugenix meant For?

Nugenix supplements are more so beneficial for men aged over 30 years and are experiencing issues related to low T-levels. Some of the issues may include low energy, erectile dysfunction, low libido and sex drive. This often occurs as man reaches age 30 as that is when testosterone levels start to slowly decline.

Men who want to grow their muscle mass will benefit from using Nugenix. The reason being that with increased T levels, training for strength will be more efficient. But, if you are a woman, a child, or you suffer from other serious health conditions which may be affected when using a test booster, then Nugenix isn’t for you.

Also, increased amounts of natural testosterone will negatively influence a woman’s physical features and health. It could result in abnormal development in kids, and even increase the risk of suffering strokes and heart issues in elderly men.

Although a supplement like Nugenix may be beneficial for many people, its formulation is meant for use as a training supplement.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the results from using this supplement can vary from person to person. The difference in results is often due to various factors.

Recommended Dosage

dosageA bottle of Nugenix has 90 capsules with the recommended dosage of 3 capsules. 1 bottle will offer you enough product lasting you a month. This recommended dose is based on the instructions by the manufacturer.

It’s suggested that you take this supplement in the morning on an empty stomach. Doing this will allow it to get digested more quickly and start working right away.

When you plan to train on a given day, it’s suggested that you take these pills at least 30 minutes before commencing your exercise program. Also, during the non-workout days, the developer recommends that you use the capsules in the morning.

NOTE: Nugenix product label gives a warning in stating that this product is not appropriate for use by women.

Nugenix is made from real ingredients that have been studied and proven around the world. However, this doesn’t guarantee 100 per cent that you will get amazing results.

This is because again, our bodies react differently and everyone is different – for some people this product might offer them amazing results while others may not feel much of a boost.

What About Side Effects?

The Nugenix formulation is rather safe for use, so you need not worry about the likelihood of experiencing some nasty side effects. That said, we always recommend that you carry out some research about the ingredients used in any supplement before using it. In so doing, you can check, for example, whether you are not allergic to the ingredients used in this testosterone booster.

Also, we recommend that you consult your doctor before using any new supplements especially when it’s your first time. Above all, when you notice that you having any adverse effects, we suggest that you immediately stop using this booster. And talk to your doctor to find out the cause and get you the right treatment for your condition.

Where to Buy Nugenix

If you choose to give it a shot, either by getting 1 – 2 bottles to start with or even taking advantage of their free trial, you could do this right on the company’s website. Also, this product is available in several different retail locations, meaning you can check out what’s available in such stores.

But note that some places charge a higher price. You will, however, get better deals getting it online from Nugenix themselves.

Refund Policy & Money-back Guarantee

Nugenix orders have a 30-day money-back guarantee. You’ll also need a return authorization for you to ship back your bottle for a refund.

Take Away

In closing, our Nugenix review has looked at the various aspects of this potent supplement that make it stand out above the rest. For most men, sexual performance tends to significantly decline with age, which causes feelings of embarrassment and inadequacy.

But, something can be done about it…

Thanks to research-based testosterone booster supplements like Nugenix, you can improve your situation. Nugenix is effective in addressing this problem. Also, this product contains natural ingredients that help increase your testosterone levels with its main ingredient being testofen.

If you’re in search of a natural way of improving your performance at the gym, then opting for a quality ‘testosterone booster’ supplement will help support you during this journey.

Using Nugenix will help you grow more muscles, boost your mood, increase stamina and strength as well. Additionally, your sex drive and libido will get enhanced.

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