Best HCG Injections / Shots for Fast Weight-Loss [2020] : Results and Reviews

More people are turning to HCG injections as a way of improving their weight loss program due to the fast results they offer when taken together with a low-calorie diet. When compared against other kinds of dietary plans, HCG shots are among the most effective weight loss products available on the market.

HCG Injections / shotsMany nutritionists and dietitians claim that no other method of losing weight can guarantee to shed off your weight every day as HCG does.

Therefore, if you want to use HCG in supplementing your weight loss plan it’s important that you are aware of how the supplements work.

We have thus prepared this review to not only share all info about HCG injections but to also look at the best HCG injection available today on the market.

But before starting…

What Is HCG All About?

HCG, also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a female hormone that is found in the placenta during pregnancy. The HCG hormone is the main agent that helps stabilize a woman’s metabolic rate during pregnancy.

Although HCG is the primary component during pregnancy, however, that is completely unrelated to the benefits it brings to your attempts to lose weight.

Additionally, the HCG diet was created to help people lose weight. Medical experts then considered the effects this hormone has during pregnancy, then came up with a way to make this hormone a tool for weight loss for people who wish to speed up their weight loss.

That’s how the idea behind HCG Injections was born.

HCG Injections

Those who desperately want to shed some weight but have are on a budget to get an effective diet regimen or a reliable HCG weight loss plan may prefer the over-the-counter HCG products. These over-the-counter products are known as homeopathic.

However, the FDA prohibits the Homeopathic HCG products for weight loss. This means that buying and selling such products is breaking the law which can be considered a criminal offense.

But, different from homeopathic HCG products for weight loss, the use of Prescription HCG injections requires a prescription from a medical expert or doctors to ensure your safety.

Due to this, the HCG injections are up to date as the homeopathic HCG products for weight loss are forced to disappear from the wellness industry.

What can hCG injections do for you?

Nu image HCG InjectionsThe hCG hormone will help release the stored fats into your bloodstream. These are then used in providing energy and decreasing your appetite. However, in healthy people, this process helps prevent the breakdown of body fats that are essential such as fat around vessels, intramuscular fat, as well as fats around vital organs.

This is more so important in low-calorie diets since your body will use up all fats regardless of where it is located.

Keep in mind that you should always talk to your physician before you start using any diet or taking any supplement. So when you opt for the HCG injections, you will receive your injection from a medical environment. The HCG shots are made so that they help you shed weight fast.

When HCG injections are taken together with an HCG diet, often dieters get the best results.

Once the hormone is introduced into your body, it offers your body similar conditions to those of an expectant woman. Hence, immediate energy production is essential. However, your calorie intake is limited to 500 a day. In these circumstances, the option left is for your body to break down the stored fats.

This leads to your hypothalamus becoming active to metabolize localized body fats to provide extra energy. As a result, you will lose inches from those flabby areas without interrupting your natural balance.

Also, the medical evidence shows that HCG injections will not only help you lose weight quickly, but it’s highly effective in the whole process. Again, the HCG diet specifically targets fat rather than affecting both the muscles and fat like other diets.

Therefore, when using the HCG diet you will avoid losing your hard-earned muscle or getting the sagging-skin look.

So What Exactly Can The HCG Shots Do For You?

How HCG shots can help you. The primary benefit of applying hCG injections is they are fast and efficient to administer as this hormone directly goes into your system.

Below are the important reasons for using hCG while dieting:

  • Metabolism: HCG accelerates your metabolic rate by encouraging the body to burn off its fat reserves.
  • Preserves your muscles: The hCG hormone circulating in your bloodstream ensures that the body uses energy from breaking down fat reserves instead of interfering with your muscle mass. As a result, you’ll lose stubborn fat and still maintain your muscle definition.
  • Suppresses cravings: If used daily, HCG can significantly reduce or eliminate cravings.
  • Exercise: As you use this hormone and even dieting there’s no need for exercise.
  • Energy: Also, HCG enhances YOUR physical energy.
  • Testosterone: Most men, especially those with obesity, have reduced levels of testosterone. Use of the hCG hormone can increase a man’s testosterone, a hormone responsible for making them feel virile and more sexual. In addition, it helps them achieve increased muscle definition.
  • Affordable: Different from other diet supplements, the hCG hormone is affordable and it works.

What Kind Of HCG Should I Get?

Presently, there are two types of HCG that you can choose from. So as you buy HCG, it’s important that you take note of that. The two are – Homeopathic HCG and Pharmaceutical HCG. The Homeopathic Human Chorionic Gonadotropin does not have the real HCG hormone. Meaning that it’s not as effective as the real thing.

The manufactures of the homeopathic HCG normally dilute the hormone then add fillers. These fillers may be ineffective but also could be harmful. As for the Pharmaceutical HCG, it contains 100 percent of the real HCG. It’s effective and more potent than homeopathic HCG as what you’re getting is real.

This is what Dr. Simeons administered during his research. The best option would be to opt for the Pharmaceutical HCG – other than the fact that it’s more effective.

In addition, credible doctors can prescribe the HCG to you since it is completely legal. What’s more, this kind of HCG is approved by doctors.

The Role of the HCG Diet

If you’re considering using the HCG diet, be sure to discuss this with an HCG diet doctor. Doing so will ensure that the benefits of the HCG diet match your lifestyle.

To help you lose weight fast as well as keep the extra weight off, your doctor might suggest that you follow a customized diet plan while using HCG injections.

This diet plan can come in various different forms:

  • HCG diet plan could involve consuming meal replacements only.
  • Your HCG diet might only require that you eat one balanced meal a day together with meal replacements to cater for the remaining meals.
  • Also, your HCG diet could involve you taking a suppressant for reducing your appetite and only requiring that you choose balanced food throughout the day.
  • Keep in mind that your HCG diet plan doctor works with you to create a diet plan that suits you. Your doctor will also monitor your progress throughout the journey.

Is the HCG Diet for Women or Men Only?

When it comes to the HCG Diet, the common misconception is that it’s strictly meant for women. However, that is not the case since men can also reap many benefits from this diet. Don’t let its origins deceive you – HCG is meant for anyone who wants and needs to lose the extra pounds.

HCG Warnings

In 2011, the prescription labelling of HCG was updated by the FDA to also have warnings for any allergic reactions. Ans some of the allergic reactions may be life-threatening.

That said, doctors don’t recommend HCG for you if you:

  • Suffer from seizures
  • Are pregnant
  • Are allergic to ingredients used in the drug or HCG
  • Are entering puberty earlier than usual
  • Suffer from prostate cancer or another cancer type that is triggered by androgens or male hormones

With that in mind, before using HCG, inform your doctor if you:

  • Are in your early teens
  • Have Asthma
  • Have migraines
  • Have any allergies
  • Suffer from kidney disease
  • Have heart disease
  • Have ovarian cyst

How should I use this medicine?

The HCG can either be injected in the muscle, for instance, the buttocks or thigh, or it can instead be given under your skin. Be sure to ask your physician about the right way for you. You’ll also be shown how to prepare as well as administer this medicine. Be sure to use it exactly as directed.

Also, take your HCG injections at regular intervals. Avoid taking your injections more often than recommended. It’s important that you place your used syringes and needles in special sharps containers. Do not throw them in your trash can.

If you don’t own a sharps container, you can check with your health care provider or pharmacist to get one. As regards children, discuss with your pediatrician on the use of HCG injections in children.

Although HCG injections can be prescribed for male kids as young as a few months old for specific conditions, remember that precautions do apply.

Overdose: If you think you’ve administered too much HCG, make sure you immediately contact any poison control centre near you or even an emergency room.

NOTE: The HCG injections are only meant for you. That means that you should not share your medicine with others.

What if I miss a dose?

Always ensure that you do not miss your dose. If you aren’t able to keep your appointment, contact your health care professional or doctor. For boys or men: If you’re administering your own injections, but for some reason, you miss your dose, make sure you take it once you remember.

In case you forget only to remember the next day, continue with the schedule and skip that missed dose. Avoid using an extra dose or double doses. And remember to contact your doctor in case you have any questions.

Women receiving their fertility treatment: It’s important that you not miss a dose since the success of the fertility treatment often depends on the right use of your medication.

Contact your health care professional or doctor if you won’t keep an appointment. Also, if you are administering your own injections, avoid using extra doses or double doses.

For any questions you may have, contact your doctor for a recommendation.

Why Choose HCG Injections Over Homeopathic HCG drops?

The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) issued a statement dated December 6, 2011, which warned sellers, manufacturers, and all persons involved that the homeopathic HCG should be prohibited on the market.

The statement highlighted that the U.S. FDA and FTC (Federal Trade Commission) work together to completely g withdraw the said product.

Based on the letter issued by the FDA, in collaboration with FCT (Federal Trade Commission ), they both also sent individual letters to 7 companies that are involved in the selling of over-the-counter products for weight loss known as homeopathic.

Then again, the best HCG injections available are safe for you. They have also been proven by numerous users that they are effective in tackling various health issues. But, you should take note of all possible results the HCG injections may cause to your body as people differ from one person to the other.

Thus each person will react differently when taking HCG injections.

How Do I Take my hCG Weight loss shots? Is It Difficult?

How to mix your HCG shots

Ensure that you regularly change the areas you inject though. Also, avoid those areas that may feel painful or tender.

The HCG mixing procedure is rather simple and is done in 7 Steps.

  1. Put all your injection supplies on a table that’s clean and dry.  Thoroughly wash and dry your hands as well as the area you will be injecting – then wipe it intensely using an alcohol pad.
  2. Take the top of the vial out (or, for multi-use vials, clean the top using alcohol prep pads) and take out the needle cap. Pull away the plunger while ensuring there’s almost no air in its chamber.
  3. Then inject a needle into the vial’s rubber top, then turn the bottle up down, as you push air in, and pull back the plunger to draw in the bottle’s content. Check that you have taken the right vial amount in the syringe. Confirm that the syringe contains no air and do not let the needle come in contact with any non-sterile surfaces.
  4. Then pinch some of your loose skin on your chosen target area using one hand. Carefully place the syringe in the pinched skin and at a 45 or 90 degrees angle.
  5. Then softly pull back the plunger and check for signs of blood. Once you find any, immediately remove the needle and throw it right away. This occurs when the needle has come in contact with a vein.
  6. Always replace your needles with a new, sterilized one. Using the same test find another safe area, then inject slowly until ensuring that the whole liquid is injected.
  7. Withdraw the needle, put its cap back on and throw it into your waste container. And wait until the place you have injected is completely dry and normal, then put a band-aid on it.

Additional Notes – Mixing Instructions

When you have carefully followed the given instructions, then you should not worry if the injected area feels a bit tender. To help, place an ice pack on the area for 10-15 minutes, and in case of oozing, apply a sterile gauze.

Also, be sure to carefully read all instructions. To get the most from your dosage ensure that you take it at the same time each day so that you maintain your hCG levels at the same level.

The best time is often in the morning.

Any Side Effects of HCG Diet Injections?

For over sixty years, the hCG diet plan has been taken by innumerable individuals. And when you decide to use a product like Nu Image Medical, you’ll be closely working with a doctor to ensure that your whole dietary plan is laid out safely and followed.

However, on rare occasions, some users might get some side effects like Acne, Stomach pain, Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Irregular periods, headaches, Breast tenderness, excessive sweating, Irritability, soreness or redness at the injected site

Nu Image Medical hCG Injections

Nu Image medical are FDA certified and are authorized to sell the real HCG Drops and injections. The only disadvantage is that a bottle of HCG goes for a price starting from $297. This seems too much when compared to $69.

There are many online retailers that sell hCG injections. Even then, it’s important that you only buy the HCG product from reputable sources. Also, ensure that the manufacturer’s lab has undergone strict protocol testing.

Nu Image Medical has been selling and prescribing pharmaceutical hormones for more than a decade. They have medical professionals who work with you throughout your weight loss journey to ensure you succeed. Also, Nu Image Medical is the first provider you may want to check as you shop for HCG injections.

They have over 15 years’ worth of experience working in the weight loss industry. Meaning they know about what will work and what won’t.

The manufacturer not only works on medical HCG dieting but they are also involved in anti-aging programs not to mention hormone replacement therapies. As you look for Nu Image HCG injections, you’ll not only find this product, but they are also heavily involved in the whole weight loss journey. Which is a great thing, right?

First, they’ll assess your body for them to determine the options that will be more suitable for you.

Next, they’ll customize a diet plan for you which will complement your HCG injection for optimal results.

After you sign up with the developer, they’ll offer you a 43-day program which factors in all aspects of weight loss from your diet plan to how to administer the injections.

What makes Nu Image Medical stand out is that they always emphasize on personalized treatment.

As we have mentioned above, prescription HCG needs lots of guidance as you use, plus Nu Image Medical is not cutting corners.

The company not only ensures that you are suitable for the treatment but they customize a diet plan to best address your needs.


Since more people are realizing that living healthy and losing weight is important for their health, the weight-loss market keeps expanding with more products being introduced into the market and all claiming to deliver. It’s only right that you want to look good through looking after your figure to improve your self-esteem.

However, realize that wanting to have a good physique differs from working to shed off the extra weight.

That’s why many weight loss programs and diet plans have flooded the industry.

Fortunately, Nu Image Medical, a prescription HCG gained much popularity and offers the most convenient and effective best HCG injections.

However, HCG injections have done more than prove their effectiveness for this particular goal. And this has seen thousands of people across the globe claiming fantastic results from using these treatments.

Therefore, Nu Image is the right product for losing weight because it’s HCG injections have proven to be efficient and convenient thanks to the results shared by satisfied and happy clients for over a decade now.

However, the vendor you choose is equally important. Therefore, carefully evaluate who you decide to deal with. And in choosing Nu Image Medicals, you can’t go wrong.