Cardarine SARM (GW501516) for Sale: Supplement for Improved Speed, Fat Loss and Endurance

In today’s article will be exploring everything you need to know about cycling, stacking, dosing, benefits, potential side effects and also where to get Cardarine for sale. Also called Endurobol, this compound has recently gained lots of attention. But, there are many things that people don’t know about Cardarine.Cardarine (GW-501516)

Well, there’s been lots of notoriety as to whether this compound is considered a SARM or not, but the truth is it’s not a SARM. But, many like labeling it as one due to the similar results it shares with SARMs.

Cardarine is a Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR), meaning that it does not affect the working of androgen receptors within your body which differs from SARMs.



Cardarine SARM was developed during research for cancer treatment. The main goal was to design a chemical that will stop tumor growth.

GW501516 was created to target prostate, breast and colon tumors and check their formation.

However, during the trial, the team of researchers got interesting results. This compound also had positive impacts on lipid, and vascular health. Some of the surprising results they come across also include:

  • Increased endurance
  • Higher levels of fat loss and it fights obesity
  • It reduced the severity of the symptoms of type 2 diabetes in rats.
  • Raised HDL cholesterol levels
  • Increased wound healing

From the above, it’s easy to see the train of thought that led athletes, in particular bodybuilders, to opt use GW-501516. This compound burns fat and enhances muscle gain.

It will provide you with all the benefits offered by anabolic steroids, though on a smaller scale, without the liver failure and testicle shrinking.

What’s more, Endurobol can cause beneficial effects on the damaged liver. This sounds like bodybuilders dream come true, but is it?



This compound works in your body by hunting down and isolating the PPARs that come about in your body.

After they are isolated, this supplement then binds to them and helps your body switch from using carbohydrates it targets to instead using the fat stored in your body. This is what leads to fat burning in your body.

This is also a good time that we clarify one crucial point about the Cardarine SARM.

Although, functionally, it is classified as an active SARM and even as a myostatin inhibitor, this compound is not a SARM as we had mentioned earlier, it’s a PPAR activator.

Also, Cardarine will influence your endurance because the PPAR delta receptors are also responsible for this. Tests on mice showed increased speed and endurance when on a Cardarine cycle.



There are many benefits that Cardarine can offer you. Plus the results it provides are simply amazing. Let’s look at some of these benefits, shall we!

#1. Endurance:

Cardarine takes effect within days from when you start your cycle and the outcomes are mesmerizing. You will be able to achieve more reps at the gym without fatigue and your cardiovascular capacity will skyrocket.

Many athletes have reported being able to breathe a lot easier. Others even reported that their lungs felt much lighter when using this compound.

Long-distance runners, cyclists, and anyone involved in competitive sports can benefit from using Cardarine SARM. Bodybuilders cycling Trenbolone includes it in their stack to enjoy this benefit.

#2. Helps Fight Type 2 Diabetes

Cardarine will not only support a healthier lifestyle, but it also helps reverse type-2 diabetes. This is since PPAR delta agonists decrease insulin resistance, normalize blood lipids and burn off fatty acids.

#3. Supports the Nervous System

Many studies show that Cardarine supports the rebuilding of your brain cells. Also, it positively will affect your nervous system due to enhanced vascular activity.

 #4. Suppresses Swelling and Inflammation

This is a great supplement for bodybuilders, and this is what we all need following a long and hard training.

Since GW501516 activates PPAR delta, it helps block genes that cause inflammation and swelling hence effectively suppressing them.

#5.Lowers LDL Cholesterol Levels

This is also called ‘bad’ cholesterol, and use of Cardarine can help suppress it through stimulating fat loss throughout your body, especially in your muscles.

#6. Fat Loss:

One effect that occurs from activating your PPAR-delta pathways is lipolysis. GW501516 signal your body to use up stored fats instead of muscles for energy. Such an action has two-pronged effects.

  • First, your metabolic rate is accelerated and you begin to eliminate more organ-clogging fats.
  • Secondly, this consistently supplies you with lots of energy. Not the skewed graph that is often evident with the stimulant-laden fat burners.

We’ve seen that the oral PPAR agonist GW501516 can significantly improve impaired oxidative metabolism within your skeletal muscle.

#7. Muscle retention

Though it helps you eliminate fat; it can also help you retain muscle. This is similar to what anabolic roids do. Here, consider the potential uses of this drug during a hardcore cutting cycle and competition preparations.

#8. Prevents Liver Damage

This reason makes it a key component to add to your steroid stack, more so if you’re taking orals. This compound helps decrease inflammation in your liver, prevents insulin resistance and can even help prevent liver damage from steroid use.



We’ve by now heard all the horror stories that anabolic steroids come with. Vascular damage, liver damage, destroyed reproductive organs — everyone tries to avoid all that. But, what happens when you hear about a great pill that promises you fantastic results?

Logically, you’ll want to know is— what the catch is.

But, it seems like there is no catch. Healthy individuals who’ve used Cardarine and follow the proper dosages shouldn’t suffer any side effects. But, this is not to say that there aren’t any.

According to extensive animal studies on mice and rats, they showed that GW501516 can potentially lead to liver damage. However, the research was carried out on mice that had pre-existing liver disease.

Besides, people with certain issues and even pregnant women should stay away from this compound.

How Should I Cycle Cardarine?

A GW501516 cycle should run for no more than 8 weeks or 2 months. Some people, more so beginners, take it for 1 month only. And you can expect results in your first week of use.

When using Cardarine, there’s no PCT required since it doesn’t act or work like steroids. Your body will regenerate by itself and you won’t experience issues linked to Cardarine use.

Also, your off-cycle should run for between 6 to 8 weeks, to allow your body to recover and set up a baseline.


Note that your GW501516 dosage will be depended on your level of fitness. If you’re beginning this journey, the recommended dose is 5mg/day when starting your cycle.

First, start with 5mg and notice how your body responds then up your dose to 10mg/day until you complete your cycle.

If you’re a veteran bodybuilder, the recommended dose is 10mg per day for the first week. Then increase your dose to 20mg per day for the following weeks, until you complete your Cardarine cycle.


If you want to stack Cardarine, you could add Testolone, Ostarine or Andarine to your stack. When you combine it with Ostarine, you will experience massive weight loss. For this stack, you should use a Cardarine dose of 10mg with Ostarine dose of 20mg for eight weeks.

Here, no PCT is necessary and your off-cycle should run for another eight weeks.

When you combine it with Testolone, you’ll enjoy massive gains to your muscle size.

For this stack, you should take both compounds at 10mg dose once every day for 12 weeks. A minor PCT is required upon completing your cycle since Testolone affects your testosterone levels in your blood.

When you combine it with Andarine, you’ll have massive fat loss. To take this, you should use Andarine dose of 15mg and a Cardarine dose of 10 mg for 8 weeks. Here, you’ll don’t require PCT and your off-cycle should run for 6 weeks.


Cardarine for saleSince there’s some vagueness around the nature of GW501516, a PCT (post-cycle therapy) is suggested for those using it to grow muscle mass as their supplement for workouts.

Cardarine’s normal PCT should last you for 12 weeks. And this is recommended considering that the effects of Cardarine SARM can potentially be very severe.

With that in mind, it is good that your body recovers completely to allow for the dose of this compound can be repeated effectively.

It’s worth mentioning again that we recommend that when you’re in doubt, to always consult your fitness expert or doctor to help you determine your ideal dosage quantity.

Also, this should help you clarify the best duration for your post-cycle therapy as well.

Since Cardarine is effective and it works well enough by acting upon the proteins in your muscles and bones. This compound comes with many medical advantages that have been proven scientifically.

However, it’s still important that you are generally somewhat wary when using this compound. In doing so, you’ll be able to avoid experiencing any health complications or major ailments in the future.


Today, finding a legit place that offers real Cardarine for sale is quite difficult. And you’re probably wondering where can get your Cardarine, right?

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GW501516 is among the most effective supplement to have been introduced as a performance-enhancing drug.

While this compound is normally, well-tolerated you should take such a potent compound responsibly.

And that means don’t take more than is recommended or surpass the cycle time. And always be sure to buy from a reputable source like Proven Peptides to enjoy a limited sale on the SARMs they offer.

Overall, if you’re in search of a clean and safer performance enhancer —GW-501516 is a great choice. Its benefits-to-side-effect ratio is almost magical.

Though, the compound itself hasn’t been in an official capacity carefully tested on humans.

Even so, it’s become a favorite among athletes and bodybuilders for more than thirty years because of its great effect on your metabolism.

That being said, note that Cardarine is prohibited by WADA (world anti-doping agency).