6 Best SARMs for Sale 2020: Reviews, Results, Dosage, Benefits & Side Effects

If you’re reading this SARMs review, chances are you’ve already heard about all the amazing benefits that the best SARMs provide as individual compounds.

You should also know of the many amazing results you’ll get from SARMs, even when they aren’t like those from steroids which sadly cause negative side effects as well.

And obviously, you must love that SARMs, unlike steroids, don’t come with nasty side effects like liver damage, hair loss, and potential fatality.

Best Sarms for Sale


That said did you know that you can stack these compounds to improve your results? Here’s the thing, when these compounds are stacked, you’ll get to enjoy faster and even more dramatic results. And this is known as synergy.

In our SARMs review today, we will talk about taking SARMs for cutting, bulking, and strength among other benefits.

By the end of this article, you’ll know what SARMs are, how useful they are, and how you can use them to reach your bodybuilding and fitness goals.

SARMs: What are they? How do they Work?

SARM is the acronym for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. This category of drugs is administered medically for losing fat, treating muscle-wasting diseases or obesity.

And although there’s still lots of research being undertaken to determine the safety and efficacy of SARMs in the body, so far early results look promising.

If you’re in doubt whether SARMs are steroids, the answer is they aren’t.

SARMs work through…

By selectively binding to androgen receptors in your body tissues they stimulate your natural hormone levels. Unlike anabolic hormones, SARMs bind to receptors in your muscle and bone tissues.

As a result, you’ll notice more growth in the mentioned areas without causing any major impacts on your body as well as your fitness.

SARMs accelerate your muscle growth, boost your strength, and support fat loss.

Why stack SARMs?

It’s a good thing that SARMs can offer you great results even when you use each by itself.

But why stop there? For people who want nothing but the best and naturally this includes athletes and all bodybuilders, stacking these compounds is the best next step for optimal results.

Stacking is the perfect strategy for you if you want to get the most from your workouts. Plus, this will help you accomplish intense and rigorous sessions considering their high demands.

However, choosing your best SARMs stack is no easy affair. But with careful planning and thought, you’ll be able to decide on your best SARMs stack for your fitness goals.

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Strength StackTestolone (RAD-140)
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Stacks for RecompingAndarine (S-4)
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Stacks for HealingOstarine (MK-2866)
Ibutamoren (MK-677)
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Triple StackOstarine (MK-2866)
Andarine (S-4)
Cardarine (GW-501516)
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Sarms for WomenOstarine (MK-2866)
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Our list of 6 Best SARMs for Bodybuilding in 2020

Since each SARM is made using a unique composition, they all aren’t the same. For that reason, the one you use will depend on several factors, such as your body’s sensitivity to anabolic steroids, results you want, the dosage, and the duration of your SARM cycle.

So, to determine the best stacks for strength, cutting, or bulking, you must be aware of the distinction between the various SARMs and their effects on your body.

This way, you’ll be able to pick the right compounds for you.

Without further ado, let’s examine 6 of the best SARMs on the market and what you can expect from each.

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#1.Ostarine (MK-2866)

Ostarine (MK-2866)Order MK-2866 (Ostarine) from Official Website

Developed by GTx Inc. a Memphis-based company, Ostarine is one of the well-researched compounds that have shown to increase lean muscles, boost strength and burn fat.

Also, for some people, it lowers HDL cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood.

Researchers have been studying Ostarine as a likely way to fight muscle wasting and muscle tissue loss in patients with various cancers and muscular dystrophy.

Use of Ostarine is great for you if you are new to using SARMs, whether you use it alone or in a stack for cutting.

This compound can help you lose fat and stay healthy even when you’re running on smaller amounts of calories.

Since Ostarine can help preserve your lean muscle mass when cutting, it is for this reason that it’s considered among the best SARMs for fat loss, bulking, and cutting.

Researchers who take SARMs for clinical reviews suggest a dosage of between 3mg to 5mg a day.

However, bodybuilders choose to administer Ostarine at a dosage of between 10mg to 30 mg a day. But the dosage depends on their needs for muscle growth and burning fat.

And like with other SARMs, Ostarine has hormone-suppression effects and that’s why using a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) is crucial.

With that in mind, it’s recommended that you keep your cycles at 12 weeks maximum, especially when taking it in a bulking SARMs stack instead of a cutting stack.

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#2.Ligandrol (LGD-4033)

Ligandrol (LGD-4033)Order LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) from Official Website

Up next in our list is Ligandrol, a popular compound that has become rather popular thanks to its properties in building lean muscle mass and rather few side effects. Though Ligandrol is considered to be the mid-point between harsher SARMs like RAD-140 and milder ones like Ostarine, one of its main benefits is having fewer side effects. And that’s great, right?

LGD-4033 was initially created by Viking Therapeutics, however, today its production is now in the hands of Ligand Pharmaceuticals.

Typically used in body recomp, Ligandrol is also said to be among the most preferred SARMs for cutting since it produces amazing results.

Although it causes some water retention, this effect quickly subsides as you continue with your cycle and you’ll start noticing strength gains and enhanced lean muscle mass gains.

The best part, it works at very low doses (we are talking 5mg a day).

Even when it takes several weeks to take effect, users have reported that their strength has shot up even during the recomp stage.

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#3.Testolone (RAD140)

Testolone (RAD-140)Order RAD-140 (Testolone) from Official Website

A brainchild of Radius Health, a Massachusetts based pharmaceutical company, Testolone was designed to help fight muscle-wasting disease in some patients. This compound is generally believed to be among the “strongest” SARMs on the market for building muscle, thanks to its particularly high binding properties to androgen receptors.

And according to research, RAD140 dose is best maintained to about 10 mg a day. But, most users don’t go higher than 20mg a day, owing to its strong effects.

Testolone is primarily used for building muscles and it’s also considered to be among the best SARM for bulking. But that’s not all; some users have reported success when using it for cutting as well.

But keep in mind, because of its high binding properties to androgen receptors, we recommend you carefully monitor RAD140 during use. So, we recommend you do PCT after several weeks of using it.

That’s why you should avoid using it in a cycle that lasts longer than 8 weeks.

While it works, some users have experienced changes in their Testosterone levels. So to avoid such and any nasty effects, we recommend you do PCT post your Testolone cycle. (You may also like these testosterone booster products).

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#4.Andarine (S4)

Andarine (S-4)Order S4 (Andarine) from Official Website

Another brainchild of GTx, a pharmaceutical company, Andarine’s main function is to burn fat, retain bone density and muscle mass for those with diseases such as muscle wasting. You can use Andarine during cutting to retain your muscle mass. And beyond that, it works great during recomp or bulking and when in a stack.

Don’t let it’s being labelled as “mild” put you off, rather Andarine will give you extremely helpful results, even at low doses of about 25mg a day.

And most people can eventually increase this to 50 mg a day. However, higher doses for several weeks aren’t recommended.

This is because Andarine can impact your body’s hormone levels such as estrogen and testosterone.

While Andarine is mild, it, unfortunately, has some drawbacks. And this includes having to administer it several times a day because of its short half-life.

Also, some users report experiencing a yellow tinge in their vision, the good thing, this isn’t permanent and it stops after a few days.

If you don’t mind these downsides and you only want to build muscles, then Andarine is an amazing SARMs supplement that will give you excellent results.

Also, you can do a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) after an 8-weeks Andarine cycle.

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#5.Cardarine (GW-501516)

Cardarine (GW-501516)Order GW 501516 (Cardarine) from Official Website

GW 501516 was initially designed to act as an anti-tumour compound which prevented the growth and formation of many cancer tumours.

However, Cardarine caught the interest of the bodybuilding communities and they opted to use it as a safer alternative to steroids.

Interestingly, Cardarine has shown to boost users’ cardiovascular performance and even stimulating fat burning. And this is why it is included in many stack formulations.

Although it’s commonly marketed as a SARM, GW501516 isn’t one, but it is a PPAR agonist which transforms the activities of specific receptors.

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#6. Ibutamoren (MK-677)

MK-677 (Ibutamoren)Order MK-677 (Ibutamoren) from Official Website

Right off the bat, MK-677 is not a SARM, although it’s frequently marketed as one. And it’s commonly offered as Nutrobal or Ibutamoren or by its compound description of MK-677.

This compound stimulates the release of IGF-1 and growth hormone during a cycle without impacting your testosterone levels as well as other hormones in your body. (Click here to check our top-rated testosterone booster products).

MK-677 is typically used due to its muscle-building characteristics, making it great for bulking.

And based on our results we recommend it for bulking thanks to its muscle-building properties.

However, since it can stop muscle tissues from wasting away, MK-677 can be taken during cutting to maintain your muscle mass. And for added results, you can include this compound in a bulking SARMs stack.

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What to Consider When Choosing Your Best SARMs Stacks

So what do you look out for when shopping for the best SARMs stack for your needs? Before anything else, you’ll need to come to grips and plan for the following.

  • Your Goals

What’s your end goal? Are you looking to bulk, cut, or recomp? Or do you want to boost your strength and stamina levels?

Keep in mind that each of these outcomes requires different SARMs which will provide you with the best results.

And this means you don’t need to choose a cutting stack if all you want is a bulking stack.

  • Are you a beginner or an advanced/veteran user?

Veterans and Newbies have to take different approaches when it comes to using SARMs. But, generally, beginners should go for milder stacks at lower doses.

  • Your body

This is crucial as our bodies react differently to different compounds. This is since your body has its individuality and responds best to a custom-made stacking plan for you.

So, gear up for lots of exploring to determine what’s best for you.

Important to mention here is that certain stacks are more appropriate for women than men. And this means that women who want to benefit from SARMS can choose a stack that’s suitable for their needs.

But, generally, most SARMs offer the same benefits, regardless of your gender. But, the goals for women might differ from those of men, thus the SARMS stack should be chosen to replicate that.

Stacking SARMS for Optimal Results

  • Best SARMs Stacks for Bulking

Sarms Bulking Stack imagesIf you’re looking to bulk up, we recommend you get a stack that contains the highest anabolic ratio. And this is crucial as it shows how well it can bind to androgen receptors.

Generally, you could consider the following SARMs that are widely thought to be best stacks for bulking. They include Testolone, Andarine and Ligandrol.

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  • SARMs Stack for Cutting

cutting stackWhen cutting, you are not looking for a stack that supports building new muscles.

But, instead, you should go for a stack that can preserve your muscles while you go on a high caloric deficit to burn fat.

So, when cutting, you need a SARM that has a high anabolic ratio which has verified muscle-sparing properties.  And the best SARMs to stack for cutting are Ligandrol, Ostarine.

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  • SARMs Stack for Strength

sarms stack for strength imageIf you aren’t interested in bulking or cutting but prefer building muscle mass and boost your strength using SARM stacks. Then you should consider using both Testolone and Ligandrol.

These SARMs will provide you with substantial strength and muscle gains since they both support increasing bone density and build muscles.

But remember to follow short SARMs cycle when on this stack. Also, monitor your bone strength and muscle mass after 8 weeks to check if you’re satisfied with your progress in building muscles.

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  • Best SARMs Triple Stack

Sarms triple stack imageIf you’re a bodybuilder who’s looking to take your training a notch higher, you should consider the triple stack SARMs for added benefits.

While there are numerous SARM stacks out there, the triple stack is believed to be the best SARMs stacks for strength, bulking, and cutting.

This stack contains an Ostarine dose of 20 mg a day, Andarine at 50 mg a day, and Cardarine at 20 mg a day and runs for 8 weeks.

Using this stack will help you build new muscle mass, burn fat, and also improve your cardiovascular health. All these are thanks to the 3 SARMs synergistic effects in your body.

What’s more, this is the best SARMs stack for bulking and well worth a shot.

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  • Best SARMs for Women

sarms stack for women imageUnlike traditional steroids, SARMs don’t suppress your hormone as much. And this makes them suitable for women during bulking or growing muscle mass and even in increasing strength.

Some of SARMs you could consider if you’re a woman are Ligandrol, Ostarine, and Andarine.

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  • Best SARMs stacks for Recomping

best sarms for womenRecomposition entails two things happening all at once: adding lean muscles and cutting fat. This process can be incredibly hard to achieve, especially if you use natural means.

Luckily, well-chosen SARM stacks can quickly and effectively help you reach this goal. And based on amazing benefits that our team achieved, the best SARM stacks include S4 and LGD-4033.

By combining the bulking properties from LGD-4033 and the strength properties from S4, you’ll end up with the deal recomping stack.

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  • Best SARMs stacks for healing

sarms stacks for healingHere’s the thing, SARMS stacks aren’t only for cutting, strength and bulking – they can also help you during your recovery from conditions like joint pain.

Such injuries may be as a result of heavy lifting and many other physical activities that are undertaken by regular people outside bodybuilding.

And after much experimenting (thanks to our team) we have concluded that the best SARMs healing stack may include Ostarine (MK-2866) and ibutamoren (MK-677).

These two SARMs are well regarded and are perfect for this role.

The best thing, these two SARMs are also effective in addressing other hard-to-treat injuries besides joint pain.

Also, Ostarine has the backing of studies and has shown to support rapid healing of joint pain. To further improve this purpose, you can combine it with MK-677.

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In What Forms are SARMs offered on the Market?

Typically, SARMs come in 3 forms: As a liquid, powder, or capsules. And each of these forms comes with both benefits as well as drawbacks.

To give you a clear picture, let’s examine each of them, shall we!

1. Powdered SARMs

This form is also known as SARMs for bodybuilding since they’re often preferred and taken by bodybuilders.

The powdered SARMs last longer, are easy to store and aren’t that visible to others who might find them.

The primary downside of this form is that you require a good measuring tool for using them. To make a simple remember that every milligram counts, thus you’ll need to apply a scale.

2. Capsule SARMs

Like the powdered form, this option is a favourite among bodybuilders. It’s easy to store and you can hide it from potential snoopers. And their main downside is that you’ll once again require a scale for measuring them. Yes, that’s right. And that’s considering that each capsule feels and looks the same, they might not necessarily weigh the same.

And, so you should be extra cautious as far as their weight is concerned.

3. Liquid SARMs

Generally, the liquid SARMs are pricier compared to the other two forms mentioned above. And this would be their major drawback: which can be a concern for anyone who might be on a budget.

Then again, what they are great for ease of usage. You simply measure your desired amount and you are good to go!

Thus no need for additional calibration and even have to worry about misjudging your dosage.

How Can I Take SARMs?

Before taking any dose of your chosen SARM, keep in mind that the form of your product plays a key role.

Liquid SARMs, for instance, are to be imbued as they are without any addendums.

As for powdered SARMs, these are best mixed with water and then drink the liquid.

Once you drink the liquid, be sure to use the glass to sip water so that you have no residue remaining. Doing so ensures that you take the entire dosage.

And only combine it with water and nothing else since the interaction between SARMs and other substances are unknown. So far, not much research has gone into this department.

Capsule forms of SARMs are best taken with some water. And a polite safety reminder, don’t use this form of SARMs with anything else other than water.

When Is the Best Time to Take SARMs?

When it comes to taking SARMs, the best time to take them is in the morning and also in the afternoon if you are using one that has a short half-life.

Other than that, you can take them every morning for the best effects. When stacking, ensure you use SARMs with similar half-lives.


SARMs are, absolutely, among the best things to happen since the fall of anabolic steroids. What’s more, each can provide you with outstanding results based on your goals.

But, why end your quest at the great results that each SARM gives you?

The good news is that users can now maximize their synergy. And this dramatically boosts their overall effectiveness when you combine them for your specific goals.

Fitness fans and bodybuilders have it so good with the potentials offered by options of stacking SARMs.

Whether it’s bulking, cutting, healing or recomping, you’ll not lack a choice to pick from the different SARMs.

But, proceed with caution since poorly chosen SARMs stacks can spell doom for your goals. Above all, where appropriate, be sure to do a PCT after your SARM stacks cycle.

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