The 6 Best Penis Extenders and Stretchers to Buy In 2020

Having a sizable penis is every man’s dream, something that has led many men to use the best penis extender device to achieve the coveted penis size. Although this issue is not new to today’s men, long ago men used contraptions that were at times quite harmful, to grow their penis sizes.

Best Penis Extender ReviewsEven though those torturous days are now long gone, men, today still try to increase their penis width and size but this time using new-age devices that are more comfortable and effective.

Let me introduce you to the world of penis extenders.

This device is noninvasive and is used to stretch the through the use of force of traction. Several types of research claim that you can reach a 1.5-centimeter increase when you use a penis extender as directed for about 3 months.

Also, you can achieve better results after 6 months of usage.

However, note that penis extenders should be applied as directed, otherwise they can lead to bruising, nerve damage, blood clots formation, etc.

But for best results…

Patience Is Key

When using penis extenders, patience plays a key part throughout the journey. And when you apply the penis extender properly as well as follow the instructions, you’ll see results soon enough. Realize that this process takes time, your body takes time when as it adjusts to changes. Similar to training for a marathon, enlarging your penis will take time.

This requires you be patient before any actual results are progressively noticeable. That said, how do you pick out the right extender for your needs and goals?

Let’s look at our top-rated Best penis extenders and stretchers.

RankingsPenis ExtendersPrice
#1Quick Extender ProGet Best Price
#2Phallosan ForteGet Best Price
#3Pro ExtenderGet Best Price
#4SizeGeneticsGet Best Price
#5Male EdgeGet Best Price
#6JES ExtenderGet Best Price

Listed here are the 6 Best Penis Extender and Stretcher to buy in 2020

#1. Quick Extender Pro – The Best Penis Extender on the Market

Quick Extender Pro

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This is likely to be the most popular extender device you’ll find online, more so for the penile traction devices. Quick Extender Pro is ideal for penis enlargement and penis curvature correction. It helps lengthen and change the angle of a penis. Constant stretching (traction) results in microscopic tears in the shaft cells of the penis. These eventually heal through a process of cytokinesis and mitosis which leads to your penis becoming bigger over time.

This whole process is pain-free, thus you can wear your device for several hours if necessary.

Quick Extender Pro uses a double strap support (DSS) system that helps in the even distribution of the strain across two silicone tubes, hence reducing discomfort. Additionally, it uses medical grade high-quality comfort pads instead of a comfort strap found in most extenders. Its design is adjustable allowing it to accommodate various penis girth.

This makes this product versatile and also helps eliminate the need for additional accessories.

Generally, this good-quality product will offer you proven results.

quick extender pro#2. Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte

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Phallosan’s penis vacuum has a small chamber and condom-like sleeve that create suction at the upper half of a non-erect penis. This action stretches your penis lengthwise which over time helps boost penis length. The manufacturer’s website states that you may gain a length of 1.89 inches and girth of 0.98 inches with more than 6 months of usage.

To use this device, you basically have to slip Phallosan on your penis, then roll the sleeve in place, and pump the chamber. You should secure the device with the enclosed comfort strap. These comfort strap lets you place your penis either towards the right or left, then securing it easily against the body during the day for the most comfortable fit.

The one advantage with Phallosan is that this device is small enough for you to wear during the day without it drawing unwanted attention. Wearing this device is quite easy because of the included instructional video.

Also, the different components are made in a way that allows you to easily adjust the tension and comfort level.

Note that if you are a big fan of loose boxers and skinny jeans, you may want to consider a change in your wardrobe when using this device.

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#3. Pro Extender

Pro Extender

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This device was developed and tested by a surgeon in Denmark who for many years studied different male enhancement techniques. It offers gentle yet comfortable traction that is aimed at achieving permanent and even gradual growth of the penile tissue. This eventually leads to a larger sized penis yet thicker penis.

Pro Extender is easy and simple to use. However, be sure to use this device as suggested by the manufacturer. This device should be used for about 4 hours during the first few days. You can then gradually increase the time to 12 hours every day.

The rate at which you notice improvements will depend on the amount of traction you apply and how often you wear your device. When used as instructed by the manufacturer, in the first 6 months you’ll notice growth in your penis size. These changes to penis size are said to be permanent.

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#4. Size Genetics

SizeGeneticsSize Genetics devices use a unique yet capable penis enlargement system. This product is an effective yet fast solution that utilizes the traction technique for increasing your penis size. This device works by stretching the penis by exerting safe tension limits onto your penis tissues. The design featured helps keep your penis stretched for a given period which helps extend your penis size.

Size Genetics device is popular and one of the pioneers in the filed using traction size extenders with improved product design.

This product applies tension which results in stretching penile tissues when it is in a flaccid state. The device has tension screws that help control the traction and adjusting these screws can change the traction pressure that lies between 1000 – 2800 gm. Such pressure limits are thought to be safe for your penis tissues.

Applying these tension leads to micro-tears in your penile tissues, which get quickly repaired by your body.

Gradually, the mending process helps add a cell mass that causes changes to your penis length and width.

#5. Male Edge

Male EdgeThis product is an upgraded variation of the well-known JES Extender that has reigned the market since 1994. Male Edge device guarantees to grow your penis width and length within 6 months or less but provided you regularly use it and carefully adhere to the directions of use.

Comes in 3 varieties – advanced, intermediate and beginner. Male Edge provides you with the highest traction of 2000gm. Wearing it 5 – 6 hours every day offers you a 10 percent penis size increase.

A lightweight yet compact that is easy to maintain. It is also ergonomic with an amazing modern design that makes it convenient to wear daily for men with different body types. Also, if you are not happy with the results it offers you, the developer will refund your money back.

#6. JES Extender

Jes ExtenderThis device was developed and introduced into the market in the mid-90s. JES Extender is originally made in Denmark and it was the first traction device ever developed by a medical lab. This is why most men have in the past opted to use it. JES Extender works similarly to other traction extenders by using traction (stretching ) force on your penis length.

Over time, traction will stretch your penile tissues in a way that causes microscopic tears in the various layers of your erectile tissues. Your body will then react by making attempts to heal these tears through duplicating the present cells to equalize the minor expansion. From this process, your penis size will increase permanently.

Based on the duration you wear your device, you’ll be able to grow your penis length to about 3 inches and a width increase of about 2 inches. Usually, you may get maximum results after using the device for 1 year and have major gains that are noticeable starting from 1½ – 2 years.

JES extender is made of steel and it’s similar to Pro- Extender. This product is said to help grow your penis size by 24%.

Are There Methods Which Can Improve the Efficacy of Extender Sessions?

You should not use any additional activities other than extender sessions when trying to gain the desired penis thickness and length. When you use the penis stretcher as directed, you’re guaranteed to achieve permanent benefits in penis length.

And for those who aspire to lessen the time needed to achieve the required penis size, you can complement your extender routine with:

  • A well-balanced nutrition program rich in proteins and minerals
  • Use of non-synthetic penis enhancement pills
  • Following a penis enlargement exercise routine.

What Can Penis Extenders Do For You?

Penis elongation by using a stretching device can offer men many benefits which include:

Surgery Replacement

Penis stretchers are the well-working replacement for surgical methods that lead to pain and unpleasant feelings. Typically, men are afraid of undergoing surgery or getting some other invasive procedures that can be quite unsafe.

High Levels of Comfort

In the field of penis extenders, the latest developments ensure that you have maximal comfort when using these devices. The efficacy of an extender greatly depends on the level of comfort that an extender design offers. And when you don’t experience any discomforts when using the device, you’ll gladly wear it every day hence achieve more prominent results.

Preserves your Results

Cell hyperplasia is the process resulting from the use of traction force and means penis cell division. As more numbers of penile cells grow, then your penis will become larger as a result. So when you stop stretching, the newly-formed cells won’t disappear, and their numbers will remain. This means your penis girth and length is preserved hence results are permanent.

Scientifically-Proven Penis Enlargement

Medical experts and scientists now have clinical proof that shows that the use of best penis extender has a high likelihood to enlarge the measurements of a penis in a non-invasive way. The effects of enlargement occur in both penis thickness and length.

Penis Curvature Repair

If your penis is curved to some degree, your sex life can become quite unpleasant and disappointing not only for you but your partner as well. However, by using the most advanced extenders from internationally renowned manufacturers, you can correct your penis curvature. This can help many men achieve highly pleasurable sex. However, in such cases, wearing the device regularly is obligatory.

Also, note that some penis stretchers can even help heal Peyronie’s Disease.

Penile curvature affects less than 10% of the male population and can be extremely uncomfortable, embarrassing and lead to severe medical complications if not treated immediately.   The good news is this all can be prevented and corrected in a very short amount of time, permanently!

Penile curvature stems from many different causes from simply naturally occurring over time, being born with a curvature or experiencing an injury to the groin.  This form of trauma can exhibit a curvature several years after the initial injury and is not always noticed immediately.

Men who suffer from penile curvature experience a range of emotional and physical discomfort.  It’s been reported there is emotional distress due to the aesthetics of a crooked penis which leads to low self-esteem, reduced self-confidence and losing the ability to gain or maintain an erection with a sexual partner.  Physical discomfort symptoms include mild pain during intercourse while maintaining an erection and physical discomfort for the partner due to the deviation of the penis during intercourse.

Straightening a curvature in an erection is now possible without the use of dangerous drugs, painful injections to the penis or risky surgery involving slicing into the penile tissue with a scalpel.  The introduction of the Quick Extender Pro Curvature Correction Edition harnesses the proven and safe method of traction to gradually and permanently straighten your erection without any risk.

Buy Quick Extender pro - The Best Penis Extender in 2020

What is Penile Traction?

Penile traction is a clever, effective and proven medical method that has been in practice for over 100 years to treat various forms of medical conditions such as skin grafts, ligament injuries, plastic surgeries and now to straighten penile curvature.  Using specially calibrated amounts of tension through medical calibrated springs, this non-evasive (non-surgical) form of exerted force will essentially stretch the penis in the opposite direction beyond your erection size which will straighten both your flaccid and erect penile state.

Which Penis Extender for Penile Curvature Correction

#1 Quick Extender Pro for 2020

Quick extender pro curvature correctionThe Quick Extender Pro is the leader in safe, effective and permanent penile curvature correction according to our research.  It is a proven system designed to straighten your curvature in the shortest amount of time.  No other system on the market today matches its capabilities, comfort and value as the Quick Extender Pro will include everything you need in one complete, discreetly shipped package.

Designed, assembled and manufactured in the USA, our review device was free of defects with the highest quality materials from a premium feeling device that delivers in both durability and value compared to the other brands.  The Quick Extender Pro was clearly made in the USA and includes a quality control stamp which ensures it’s in working order.

Wearing the device is like the other types of systems on the market but with a unique DSS headpiece, we did notice enhanced mobility and it did not slip at all over a 6 hour period.  Walking around, sitting and standing, it not once came off or did the tension change.  With the unique locking system, it’s also easy to remove when you need to go to the bathroom and to put back on.

The Quick Extender Pro Curvature Correction Edition includes the most comprehensive instructions we’ve ever come across for a penis extender.  Well written and including video demonstrations, we were easily guided through the setup process and clearly explained the ins and outs of this premium package.  With programs and routines to follow in a simple guide, there is no doubt a lot of thought was put into making this as not only is it one of the best well-made systems we’ve reviewed, but also the most polished system we saw as well.

To find out the exact results you can expect and in the timeframe, the program will walk you though, please visit their information section which will break down how soon you can expect your penile curvature to be straightened.

How To Use a Penis Extender?

penis extenderIf you are a beginner, start by ensuring you carefully read the manufacturers instructions before wearing a penis extender. This is crucial as it will help you avoid damaging your penis. Also, when you correctly use the device you’ll see results much faster than you’d expect

Next, assemble the extender device by screwing together the traction bars. Once done, make sure you fit the extender over your penis. Then using your hands, carefully fit your penis into the device and ensure it perfectly fits against your pelvic bone and secure it with a comfort pad or a silicone noose.

Note that some extenders use exclusive comfort systems, which prevents any discomfort. Also, be careful not to exaggerate the tightness. Then leave the device on for the specified time (usually several hours) by the manufacturer.

You can adjust the level of traction, using the traction control tools. Also, ensure that you feel comfortable when wearing the device.

Note: Beginners should use a low force then gradually increase the tension of the traction rods bit by bit.

You can replace the extension rods with the extra ones if the initial ones don’t suit your penis shape or size. Usually, the device packages come with extra extension rods and when not, buy them separately. With the adjusted tension, your penis should start receiving some pressure and this means that the size enlargement process is working.

Tips to Remember When Applying an Extender

If you truly want to succeed in your attempts to enlarge your penis, you should come up with a healthy penis stretching routine and stick to it. However, it can be much better if you adopt the easy-to-follow routine that the manufacturer provides depending on the penis extender you select.

If you’re new to this, the time you use for stretching should not exceed 4 hours. Once you are well experienced, your enlargement sessions could go for 6 hours. You should have a few sessions each day, with breaks of 1 to 2 hours between sessions.

Penis stretching should not be a painful experience. In such a case, pain means that something was amiss when using your extender.

If this occurs, you should immediately remove the stretcher. Also, don’t have stretching sessions for a few days after this. There are other things that you should bear in mind when using a penis extender. These include:

Flaccid Penis

You should make sure that when you do your lengthening session the penis is completely flaccid. When you place an erect penis into your extender, your penis will slide off once it becomes non-erect.

Note that it’s impossible to grow your penis thickness and length if it is erect. Hence, in such a situation, the use of this device won’t do much.

Sufficient Traction Force

When you set the traction too high, it does not imply that your penis can quickly become thicker and longer. Inadequate traction force can cause lots of pain and many injuries. It’s important that you set the right degree of traction force, more so for beginners. If you are new to penis extenders, start by keeping the force low.

Then gradually increase the traction tension as required. Keep adjusting it until you reach the maximal force.

High Commitment

Remember that any extender cannot deliver results immediately. And don’t expect this from your device either. Realize that instant penis enlargement methods don’t exist. The only proven way to help you grow your penis size is through the use of regular devices.

To achieve your desired goal, commitment and patience can help you enjoy the results you wish to attain in the long-term. By doing regular stretching sessions for several months should easily fit into your everyday schedule which can soon enough offer you amazing increases.

Search for Relevant Information

when you are looking to grow your penis with a specific stretcher, you must find comprehensive information on the use of your device. Also, it’s necessary that you read the manufacturer’s official user manual available on their website.

Using the extensive information about your particular extender will help you enlarge your penis size effectively and safely. You can search for video or text user instructions for the relevant info.

Shave Your Pubes

It’s best that you shave your pubic hair before applying this device to prevent suffering any pain during penis enlargement sessions. If you prefer not to do this, just prepare yourself as the pubic hair might get caught in some parts of your extender device.

Take Breaks

The developer recommends that you take a break from the penis enlargement sessions once each week. These rest periods are essential as they help prevent damaging the penis tissues. Also, if you still get some penile injury, you’ll need to take several days off to heal.

Compliment with Male Enhancement Supplements

In some instances, your doctor might recommend you complement the use of the penis extender device with the use of male enhancement pills.

This approach can naturally improve penis growth benefits. Also, you’ll gain your desired size much faster.

Notice the Pinch Points

As you try to wear your penis extender, pay more attention to the pinch points. When buying a penis extender device, you may come across either the comfort strap fasteners or silicone noose fasteners.

With this in mind, you should be cautious not to cause pinching at the point where the fasteners pass through the slot. Wearing a stretcher may be challenging for beginners, but with time, you’ll be able to use fasteners with much ease.

No Urinating

When you are wearing a penis extender, the penis is in essence stretched, while your urethra is cramped. Because cramping occurs on the body of the penis, urinating becomes quite uncomfortable. Often, it’s not even possible to urinate. When you need to urinate, you’ll first have to unfasten or put the device off.

Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing

Penis extenders are designed in a way that allows men to use them outside the home with no difficulties. The device is not visible under your clothing. However, you should ensure that your clothing is not tight-fitting. Such clothing will impede the functioning of your device. In such a case, wearing loose-fitting clothing is the best solution.


When purchasing a penis extender ensure you are buying a device that has been authorized by medical doctors. Also, the device should have been tested medically as well. Opt for a safe, comfortable and effective penis extender that best suits your needs from the many brands available today on the market.

Additionally, the best penis extender devices that are medically certified are more recommendable. This is because these devices are safe to use and have met key standards after being subjected to clinical studies before being introduced into the market.

Quick Extender ProConclusion

When it’s all about growing your penis size, the use of the best penis extender is always your best option.

What do we mean?

To start with, they are safe to use and more affordable when compared against other methods. Even then, keep in mind that patience is important when you are embarking on penis enlargement journey and soon you will get your desired results.

To get the most from your device, you should use it for at least 4 months and at times 8 to 12 months.

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