3 Best HCG Drops for Weight Loss Reviews & Ratings [2020]

When combined with a low-calorie diet, best HCG Drops will help you shed up to 3 pounds a day. But, why have the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) drops earned such popularity? There are various ways you can use to achieve your weight loss goals. Some of these include making adjustments to your eating habits and following a workout routine.  

best hcg drops for weight loss reviewsEven then, you’ll also need something extra which can help speed up your weight loss and make it efficient. 

With the rise in popularity of the HCG diet drops, each year there are more and more companies introducing new diet drops to the market. For that reason, determining the best diet drops for losing weight can be challenging. 

Do HCG Drops work? 

These products are not only beneficial in weight loss, but they make burning fat easy and help you keep off the weight for good. And the best part, this diet is scientifically proven. Our best HCG drops review is intended to be a guide to help you safely choose the best drops for losing weight. This way you’ll be sure that you are getting the right product. 

3 Best HCG Drops On The Market 

#1. HCG Complex Drops- (Amazon Rated it as The Best HCG Drops in 2020)

HCG Complex

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This product has been on the market for the last 8 years by BioSource, and it’s among the most popular and respectable unique weight loss formulas. HCG Complex may be used along with a regular diet of 1200, 800 or 500 calories, and it’s 100% natural. 

Additionally, it required no prescription since it’s a homeopathic product. But, what can it do for you? Well, HCC Complex drops will help … 

  • Improve your Metabolism 
  • Control your appetite 
  • Target the stored fats which it converts to energy 

HCG Complex is an all-natural product that is made using carefully selected components that will not cause harm to your body. That is provided you eat right and exercise regularly. The HCG Complex drops are manufactured in FDA-certified laboratories in the USA, by a renowned company that has been on the market for a while. 

In addition, HCG Complex has incredible offers that you can access from the company’s website. The company also provides a 30-day refund guarantee. So, why not give it a shot? 

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#2. Nu Image Medical – The Only Prescription HCG Drops on the Market

Nu image Medical

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This product is manufactured by the Nu Image Medical clinic based in Tampa, Florida. Since 2004 the developer has been producing and selling supplements. The manufacturer specializes in investing in information & telecommunication technology to offer you quality health care services. 

Nu Image looks to eliminate the obstacles present due to the physical distance that separates physicians from patients who need their services. But now, the patients only need to complete an online form describing their condition and a physician will attend to them.  Using this program, the Nu Image physicians can easily guide clients from across the United States as well as the world regarding their diet programs and the usage of Nu Image HCG drops. 

Rather than being a solo product, these HCG Drops are a weight loss program. This typically starts with a consultation done either by phone or live by medical professionals.  

Here, the physicians discuss with you about your condition and offer you the best Human Chorionic Gonadotropin drops solution to suit your needs. Since this product is a prescribed formula, it is necessary that you have the consultation. 

For every available program (kit) you will also get useful tips, guidelines, recipes, and great online support from nurses and doctors who are acquainted with the HCG formula and diet. 

What can Nu Image Medical kit do for you? 

  • It will support you shed the weight in a quick and safe way 
  • Focuses on the stubborn fat while preserving the muscles 
  • Offers you the support you need throughout the way 
  • It will give you the Purest kind of HCG drops available 

When it comes to Nu Image, it causes no major side effects thus you should not have to worry about using it. However, it has two downsides that we should mention at this point. 

First, this product has a pretty high price which varies from $297 for the 26-day package (this offers weight loss results of up to 15 lbs) to their 46-day package that costs $397(offers weight loss of up to 35 lbs). 

Secondly, this product, unfortunately, does not come with a refund guarantee for that price. And this makes it more difficult more so if you’re feeling a little uncertain. 

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#3. HCG Triumph 

HCG triumph

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This product is our third and last best HCG drops on this list. That being said, it does not mean that it is the “least”, in terms of efficacy and potency. HCG Triumph is a proven product that is safe for you to use. It will help you shed the few winter-pounds and shape your body while keeping your energy level high while suppressing sugar cravings. 

What can HCG Triumph drops help you with? 

  • Boost your metabolism 
  • Shed the extra weight fast 
  • It will keep your energetic 

Triumph HCG Drops can work well with the 1200 or 800 calorie deficit diet. Also, depending on when you take it, Triumph HCG Drops can help you shed between 30- 45 pounds. 

What Else Must I Know about this Product? 

There are a variety of discounts and offers that you can choose from when buying HCG Triumph drops that suit you best from the company’s website. But, you note that you should probably get the Kits and not the bottles alone.  

How so? Well, the Kits usually come with some additional features like grocery list, diet recipes,  Phone and E-mail support. Not forgetting an HCG Diet manual – which is all rather useful, especially if you are new to using HCG Drops. 

HCG Triumph drops are a rather known product that different clients have used and noticed that it has supported them in achieving their desired goals within a short time. 

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2 types of HCG drops 

Prescription and Homeopathic types are both HCG hormone drops which will not only offer you weight loss benefits but also help with different needs. 

Currently,  there are two types of the HCG drops available, however, there are also various grades under these types that also offer you many benefits. 

Some of these benefits include boosting metabolic rates to enhancing the HCG effects as well as weight loss benefits. 

Now, let’s examine what each type has to offer you. 

  • Homeopathic HCG Drops 

Homeopathic HCG drops are an alternative to the other HCG type and it is considered to be ‘over the counter’.  Therefore, you don’t require a prescription to get it. Due to this, these types of HCG Drops are affordable and easily accessible without compromising on their potency and quality. 

If you’d rather take a holistic yet more natural approach to medicine, at the same time, you are looking to go about your weight loss goals following this approach.  Then homeopathic HCG drops for weight loss may be the thing for you. 

Here the difference is in the way this HCG solution is prepared. The solution goes through a unique process of ‘potentizing’ which is a signature method for homeopathy. Also, Homeopathy has been used for centuries, thus it has become well-known for its approach in using natural substances in enabling the body to treat and heal itself.  

And this makes these drops an effective,  safe, and side effects free product for you to use. 

Due to the homeopathic nature of HCG drops, you can also take them with other medications.  Also, these HCG drops are great for dieters who wish to eliminate the hard to lose fat areas when you are nearly done shedding all the weight. 

In addition, there are other HCG diet drop grades that contain lipotropic as well as metabolic boosters like L-Arginine, Ornithine, natural B12 and vitamin B-complex, and others that create the solution while maximizing fat burning results fast while maintaining optimal health. 

Also, the homeopathic solutions are suitable for when you get closer to the end of your goals for weight loss or for people with under 25 pounds to lose. 

  • Prescription HCG Drops 

The prescription HCG diet drops have a solution that is similar to the strength of prescription HCG injections. But, the prescription HCG drops are more popular among people who are not fond of needles. 

These HCG Drops are manufactured in a compounding pharmacy. Here, pharmacists can create customized doses needed to address specific needs for their clients based on their prescriptions. 

HCG clinics recommend that those individuals with higher numbers of weight shed that they start by using the prescription strength HCG.  

Why is this? This is because they are likely to respond extremely well when following the treatment. When compared to its homeopathic alternative, the prescription HCG is made at an undiluted pharmaceutical strength. This is why you will need a prescription when using this kind of HCG. 

This kind of HCG drops costs about the same as the injections, and it is a non-invasive and more therapeutic application.  

The Prescription HCG drops are known as the ‘DIY HCG’ since it comes unmixed meaning you’ll have to mix it when you get it. 

Difference between Prescription HCG drops and Homeopathic HCG drops 

Note that the real HCG hormone is highly controlled by the FDA to the extent that most manufacturers fail to attain the approval standards.  

This means that when you choose to get the real HCG, you will be getting the prescribed HCG drops as the other dieters use the Homeopathic HCG drops. 

Since the FDA goes through every aspect of the Prescription HCG drops, then you are always guaranteed to get high-quality HCG Drop.  

This along with the fact that these drops can only be sold or distributed by the manufacturer ensures that these products are effective in for the purpose they were created to do. 

Also, the FDA approval is the basis of the comparison we will make between Homeopathic HCG drops and Prescription HCG drops. 

Let’s dive right in! 

  • Composition 

The Prescription HCG Drops comprise of the real HCG hormone though in the synthetic form while the Homeopathic HCG Drops have no or diluted amounts of synthetic HCG. 

To offer you the same results as those from Prescription HCG Drops, the Homeopathic HCG Drops contain different ingredients most of which are herbal extracts and amino acids. 


  • Availability 

 HCG Drops are only sold to you when you present a prescription while the Homeopathic HCG Drops are accessible over the counter. 

Also, some companies have come up with a system of providing their clients with the Prescription HCG Drops for when they want to lose weight.  

However, this is usually on condition that they purchase them along with diet programs from them. 

  • Cost 

Because of the conditions followed when manufacturing and presenting Prescription HCG Drops to consumers, their price is often higher when compared to the prices of the Homeopathic HCG Drops.  

Let’s look at some examples. For the 46-day diet plan, you will spend about $400 when compared to that of between $30 and $70 when buying the  Homeopathic 40-day diet plan. 

Should I be on an HCG diet while taking HCG drops? 

When the British endocrinologist by named A.T.W. Simeons first suggested the HCG diet, there were many people who welcomed the idea.  However, what most didn’t realize was that decreasing the quantity of food you usually eat is no easy task. 

Even then, The National Institutes of Health suggests that men and women consume a minimum of 1,500 calories and 1,200 calories respectively every day. This goes to ensure that your body systems are well supported. 

The first HCG diet that was created by Dr. Simeons recommends that you take 500 to 550 calories each day.  

And based on how the HCG Drops function in your body, it may not make sense to follow these recommended intakes when you want to lose weight. 

Why is this so? It will be hard for you to go from consuming 1,200 to 500 calories however when you are taking an effective brand of HCG drops, they will make your body suppress the feeling of hunger. 

What does an HCG diet entail? 

According to doctor Simeon, you will have a list of foods that you’ll need to consume and others that you should avoid.  

For instance, your breakfast should have sugarless coffee or tea which you may sweeten using 1 tablespoon of milk. 

Also, you can decide to take lunch and dinner provided you can maintain a caloric balance. When having your lunch or dinner, the recommended food is lean meats accompanied by vegetables, a slice of bread, and fruit. 

When you choose to follow this diet plan, the HCG diet is a low-calorie meal plan that is aimed at helping you achieve a fast loss of weight.  

However, when done without the HCG drops, it will be a starvation program that your body cannot keep up with. 

What Are HCG Drops Weight Loss Diets? 

HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone found in great amounts in the initial stages of pregnancy. This hormone is also administered as a fertility treatment in both men and women. 

In 1954, doctor Albert Simeons first suggested that HCG may be used in supporting weight loss.  

He then proceeded to create a method, that was made up of a low-calorie diet (I.e 500 cal per day) and using the HCG hormone in injection form. 

This was quite successful, that’s why today you will come across multiple forms of HCG which are pellets, injections, and drops. Thus people can choose their preferred HCG form against a common enemy; excess body fat. 

How can I be sure that I am getting the best HCG drops on the market? 

When buying HCG Drops, it is recommended that you start by looking at the HCG drops with the most sales as well as positive feedback from users. 

The brands we have mentioned above are among the top-rated brands on the market today. 

Also, our best HCG Drops review is based on four things; the users’ feedback, their ratings, and from research that we have conducted. 

We have also considered their offers, prices, their clients’ testimonies, several articles on how HCG works. And from all that information, we compiled our list. 

Even so, you should remember that: 

Optimal results are achieved when a weight loss supplement is taken along with a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise. 

Always talk to your doctor before using any tool for weight loss, so that they are able to evaluate how safe and suitable it is for you, depending on the medication you might take, and even your medical history. 

Note that change always starts from within. Therefore, losing weight means that you are caring for your body, and not punishing it. 

Where to Buy HCG Drops? 

You’ll come across many homeopathic HCG products on offer online that it’ll be challenging for you to go through them all in one sitting.   

Even so, it’s recommended that you directly contact the manufacturer for real investigation since they will offer you the most suitable answers for your condition. 

Our above list of HCG drops brands have great customer support. Hence, you can get in touch with them straight away or visit their websites from these links. 

6 Things You Should Know About The HCG Drops! 

What Is an HCG Drops Diet?

This is a diet plan that combines the use of HCG Drops with a strict calorie-deficit. Instead of HCG Drops, you might opt for pellets or injections.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

This mostly will depend on your general state of fitness and several other factors.  That said, you could lose between 0.5 and 3 pounds a day provided you strictly stick to the diet, protocol and exercise program. Is Exercising Necessary If I Use HCG? When you maintain the necessary deficit and caloric diet and use your drops as directed, exercises are not necessary – but, they are strongly suggested since they can accelerate your metabolic rate even more.

What’s Different About the Homeopathic HCG Drops?

As seen earlier, The Homeopathic Drops contain various ingredients that help improve their potency, but they do not have the real HCG, rather synthetic substitutes.  Also, they are lighter, however, they also can be less effective compared to products containing real HCG.

How Can I properly Use My HCG Drops?

First, you should consult your physician to ensure that any health condition or medication you may use allows you to administer HCG Drops or other kinds of dietary weight loss tools. Then, if you get the prescription for your Drops (unless using homeopathic ones) carefully stick to the directions you are given.  Oftentimes, HCG Drops provide you with various informative pamphlets and guides. Also, there is a team of medical personnel who will address every question you may have as well as need.

Which HCG Drops Should I Take?

We have carried out thorough research and presented you with three of the best HCG Drop products on the market.  Nevertheless, you should choose a product based on your research, needs, and even wallet. Doing so will help you make an informed choice and only buy what best suits your needs.

In Closing

Are you prepared to ditch the extra tire around your waist? It’s a lot easier to shed the extra fat than you may think.

What you can do…

You can get both the prescription and homeopathic HCG drops available online today.

Also, when purchasing HCG drops, always ensure that you’re dealing with accredited and reputable homeopaths or pharmacies that offer pure HCG drops that are top-quality and are potent.

Buying HCG Drops online is simple and easy, but first, do your homework before making a purchase.

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