5 Best ED Pills (Erectile Dysfunction Pills) Over the Counter in 2020

The best ED pills (Erectile dysfunction pills) were developed to help improve men’s sexual performance and function. With that in mind, each erectile dysfunction pill is developed for different purposes. That’s why what is best for you might not be what another guy needs.

Best ED PillsFor instance, there are enhancement pills that are best for enlargement, and another one will help keep you hard for longer. Yet another will help enhance your general sexual wellness.

Therefore before you go grabbing an ED pill off the shelves, determine what your expectations are.

After you figure out what you desire, keep reading to find out which erectile dysfunction pills might best work for you.

Erectile dysfunction(ED) is a health condition that involves the occurrence of weak or very troubled erections or a complete lack of erections for several months.

Which Erectile Dysfunction Pills Exist?

While there are numerous different erectile dysfunction remedies, it’s possible to differentiate them into two major groups of these pills.

  1. Prescription ED Medications

This form of drugs is an invention from doctors that is aimed at providing the immediate restoration of a man’s ability to achieve an erection when needed. These treatment options mainly belong to PDE5 inhibitors that are prescription drugs that boost the production of nitric oxide in men.

Prescription drugs are strong artificial medications that substantially raise nitric oxide levels. As a result, men will experience hard and full erections which are typically not attainable for men experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Even then, the powerful action of prescription erectile dysfunction drugs comes with a high risk of contraindications and adverse reactions.

  1. Over the Counter ED Supplements

The OTC ED Pills that help improve a man’s erectile function are today enjoying ever-growing popularity. This is since these products are part of the completely natural remedies and don’t need any prescription.

These ED pills main action is similar to the action of prescription PDE5 inhibitors. However, unlike the latter, the all-natural erectile dysfunction pills don’t have strong synthetic ingredients.

Note: Only prescription medication can cure erectile dysfunction, however, we suggest taking a look at the following natural alternatives that can help those dealing with erectile difficulties

Good thing, these supplements work mildly, naturally and are typified with a high level of safety.

These two groups of pills have people who prefer taking them since both the prescription and natural ED supplements have benefits that command the attention of men.

Thus, allows you to make a well thought out choice for the best ED pill.

vigrx plusNext, let’s move to our list of the 5 Best ED pills (Erectile Dysfunction Pills) on the market today.

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Our 5 Best ED Pills (Erectile Dysfunction Pills) on the Market Today (2020)

#1. VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus

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This is a high-quality supplement that helps with the male libido.  So, if your biggest concern is an inability to achieve lasting erections, then VigRX Plus is the solution you were searching for. Also, this supplement will support your stamina and you’ll experience fuller erections that will give you more intense orgasms.

What’s more, this formula is made using clinically proven and all-natural ingredients. Thus this unique formula is more than just a band-aid for ED symptoms. Instead, VigRX is developed to enhance your overall sexual health.

With this male enhancement pill, you can boost your libido, enhance your erection quality, and improve your staying power.

Furthermore, VigRX Plus includes Bioperine that is proven to increase the natural absorption of nutrients. By including this one compound, VigRX Plus is 30% more powerful than its top competitor.

VigRX Plus Pros & Cons

Although we love VigRX Plus and its benefit, we know that not every enhancement pill is suitable for every man. Have a quick look at the pros and cons of VigRX to help you determine whether this formula is for you.


  • Uses clinically-proven and all-natural ingredients
  • Developed for your overall sexual health
  • Trusted by thousands of men worldwide
  • No user-reports of negative side effects
  • Offers 67-day money-back guarantee
  • Manufactured in the US in a cGMP-certified facility


  • Twice-daily supplementation – This daily dosage allows for optimum efficacy… but, when you have a hard time remembering to have your pills, which can be a drawback.
  • You have to keep taking it – Since this is a supplement, you’ll have to take it continuously if you wish to keep reaping its benefits.

Though only you can decide whether the benefits outweigh the negative. Not sure yet? No problem. We still have many other options that you can consider.

Keep reading our list of best ED pills to see if another male enhancement pills will be a better option for your needs.

Where Can I Buy VigRX Plus?

As always, we usually recommend that you buy your supplements directly from the company. This supplement is manufactured by Leading Edge Health.

The company delivers a discreet package to your door that is marked with expiry date and LOT #. This helps you know that your enhancer pills are in top condition.

While the VigRX® brand is trusted by many across the globe and it has been on the market for about 20-years.

That being said, there are many knock-offs, though, meaning buying from the company’s website will help ensure you’re receiving the real thing.

Plus, you can take advantage of their 67-day refund guarantee.

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#2. Viasil


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Viasil is another over the counter ED pill that offers men a strong boost since it enhances your erection strength. This product is by Swiss Labs that can help men experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Though it was comparatively recently launched as a male enhancement supplement, this male enhancer works quite differently, giving you instant results when you use it.

But, it doesn’t offer the side effects that other similar products offer. Thus, it can easily be taken without you being anxious about suffering hormonal or cardiovascular complications.

Viasil is made of natural ingredients like Citrus Sinensis and Epimedium that are proven to increase libido and reduce stress.

Also, it contains zinc which helps increase your testosterone levels in the body, thus contributing largely to your sex drive, strength, and stamina.

This potent combination of these ingredients increases nitric oxide levels in your blood, enhancing blood flow to your penis. As a result, you’ll get harder and thicker erections for long-lasting performance.


  • Gives you almost immediate results with no side-effects
  • Provides a 60-days refund guarantee
  • No reports of side effects
  • Provides free-shipping, live chat and email support to all its customers
  • Made using all-natural ingredients


  • Might not offer longer-lasting effects

Where can I Buy Viasil?

You can buy Viasil from the manufacturer’s official website for the best deals.

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#3. Prosolution Plus

prosolution plus

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This may be the perfect stay hard pills for you if you prefer not to use the risky alternatives for enhancing your sexual performance.

It’ll help you fight premature ejaculation, improve your erection quality, and also help you enjoy sex with no delays. Since you don’t a prescription to use ProSolution, this product is doctor approved.

These ED pills are among the leading natural male enhancer supplements on the market today. This is considering the ProSolution formula will provide you with vitality.

ProSolution is made from a powerful combination of all-natural nutrients, herbals, minerals, and vitamins that are proven to have the ability to effectively improve men’s sexual performance.

What’s more, ProSolution Pills have the backing of hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

ProSolution Pros:

  • Doctor-approved and backed by science
  • A potent combo of all-natural herbals
  • Has the backing of thousands of happy customers
  • Developed in the US
  • Tested for maximum potency and purity
  • Offers a money-back guarantee

ProSolution disadvantages

  • Long-term costs – You’ll have to consider using ProSolution pills to be an investment into your general wellbeing. This is a continuous monthly expense. Fortunately, you can enjoy great discounts if you order in bulk.
  • Initial results may take a while – You’ll start noticing changes from around week 3 to 4 with gradual improvements from then on.

If you’d like to try out ProSolution Pills, then you’re in luck! This is because ProSolution offers a 100% refund guarantee.

So, if you aren’t completely happy with your results, you can send back the empty boxes before the elapse of the 2-month time limit. And no questions asked.

Where Can I Buy ProSolution Plus?

This is simple since ProSolution is not sold anywhere else other than the company’s website.

So, to help keep down costs for their customers, Leading Edge Health, the manufacturer decided to offer ProSolution only through their website.

And we recommend you buy directly from the manufacturer to avoid second-rate pills which could contain ingredients that aren’t good for your health.

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#4. Magna RX+

Magna RX plus

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This ED pill advertises itself as the world’s leading supplement in penis enhancement on the market. And after some careful research, we are sure this powerful pill could back these claims.

Magna RX+ is made using some of the well-known botanicals from across the world in creating the best male enhancement supplements out there.

Its formulation was developed by a Board-Certified Urologist – called Dr George Aguilar.

Magna RX+ is a highly potent formula that has been recommended by doctors often for men who would like to satisfy their spouses.

The best part, the Magna RX+® Enhancement pills are so safe, that you don’t need a prescription for you to buy and use them.

Pros & Cons

Men who want to quickly yet effectively boost their sexual performance could consider Magna RX+®. Next, let’s explore some of the reasons that made Magna RX+ be on our top 5 list.

Magna RX+® Pros:

  • Fights various sex-related problems
  • Made of completely natural botanicals
  • It offers faster results compared to most male enhancement pills
  • Its ingredients are regularly tested for potency and purity
  • It offers a money-back trial period
  • Manufactured in the USA

Magna RX Plus drawbacks

  • Twice-daily formulation – Administering 2 pills every day is a huge ask for most busy men. Fortunately, you have many other options to choose from.
  • Long-term costs – This specially-designed ED pills for sexually active men should be considered as an investment.

Where Can I Buy Magna RX+®?

You can buy Magna RX+ from the supplier. Also, keep in mind that since Magna RX+ is a highly sought-after supplement, there are lots of knock-off formulations out there.

With that in mind, we recommend that you avoid risking getting sub-par ingredients when shopping for the best deals online.

It’s highly likely that you aren’t getting the genuine product unless you get it directly from the company.

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#5. Provacyl


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Technically though, Provacyl was not solely designed to act as a male enhancement pill. And this is one of the many reasons we love it so much.

This product helps address different concerns around the general wellbeing of men. Also, it can help undo symptoms of male menopause (andropause ).

Some of the positive effects that Provacyl will provide you with include increased sex drive, more energy, and improved performance during intercourse.

Provacyl works by naturally boosting your HGH and testosterone levels. This unique formula is made using all-natural ingredients and does not contain synthetic ingredients which can cause unwanted side effects.

Many men who take Provacyl will start feeling younger within several weeks. As for optimal mental, sexual and physical wellness, this can take you from 2-3 months when using Provacyl.

Even then, Provacyl is still safe for you with continued use, and after you achieve your desired results, you’re all set.

Pros & Cons

We’ve included Provacyl in our list because we believe many guys truly benefit from using Provacyl. Let’s quickly go through some of the reasons why we like this supplement so much.

Provacyl Pros:

  • Optimizes your overall wellbeing
  • Naturally increases testosterone & HGH levels
  • A well-balanced formulation made using all-natural ingredients
  • Comes with a 67-day refund policy if you’re not completely satisfied
  • Manufactured in the US in a cGMP-certified facility

Disadvantages of Provacyl:

  • Not just a sexual health supplement– If you’re in search of a pill that will make your penis instantly bigger and even achieve erections that last longer, Provacyl is probably not for you.
  • Maximum results may take a while – While Provacyl will have you feeling like a rock star in nearly every area in your life, you’ll still have to patiently wait for around 2-months before you can see the full results.

Still not sure about getting this supplement? Not to worry. You can still try it risk-free.

And if you’re not satisfied with your results after 2-months, simply send back the empty boxes to the company and you’ll get a full refund (but less shipping and handling costs).

Where Can I Buy Provacyl™?

You’ll not find Provacyl in stores, however, you can get it online directly from Leading Edge Health, the manufacturer. Provacyl is a renowned brand that’s backed by thousands of happy customers.

Also, ordering online via the supplier is how you can take advantage of the company’s money-back guarantee. And keep in mind that ordering in bulk will save you some serious cash.

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Fast Working Ingredients in Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Thus far, there are a huge number of components that can help boost your sexual health and most of them can enhance your flow of blood to your penis.

Such a simple thing can solve many of the penis-related issues that you might experience as you age or yet during your teenage years. These ingredients include:

  • Horny goat weed (Barrenwort ) – This can help you several ways including providing you with stronger and harder erections. Thus, you will avoid premature ejaculation.
  • Damiana – It’s a very strong aphrodisiac that is found in most ED pills that offer fast results.
  • Maca roots – A Peruvian radish root that can improve your fertility, boost your blood flow, and even enhance your sex drive.
  • Korean Red Ginseng – We must point out that Ginseng is a renowned ingredient that has been for thousands of years in traditional medicine. This component will greatly enhance your physical and sexual energy. Not to mention it’ll provide you with the ability to last -longer in bed.
  • Catuaba Bark – This is great for combating nervousness and high blood pressure. And these are two issues that cause erectile dysfunction. You’ll feel more relaxed once you take supplements containing Catuaba bark. Thus, it will help you achieve an erection.
  • L-Arginine – A component that your body produces naturally but its production might decline and hence cause erectile dysfunction. To help you get a great amount of L-Arginine, you could eat pomegranates. This will help you experience stronger and bigger since it relaxes (and widens) the blood vessels found in your penis.

Although there are many more ingredients out there, these are among the most important ones.

That being said, you will, however, need to take it easy if you would like to avoid side effects

Erectile Dysfunction Pills Side Effects

Since the use of ED pills can have some side effects, you, therefore, avoid taking more than the recommended daily dosage.

Some of the most popular side effects are headache, Dizziness, Nausea.

How can I Avoid these Side Effects?

To help you avoid most ED pills side effects, you should consider drinking lots of water and eating a healthy meal before taking your supplements.

Also, avoid taking products that have ingredients that you’re allergic to.

Why Choose All-Natural ED Pills

There has been an increasing number of guys who are choosing to substitute their prescription drugs for their natural analogues when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction.

For starters, the all-natural ED pills are taking the lead among the remedies for fighting impotence thanks to their naturalness. This means that such pills only contain completely natural active substances.

What’s more, there do not contain artificial components that will have a threatening effect on your body and overall wellbeing. Also, the natural ingredients used in developing these supplements are scientifically proven.

Scientists have also confirmed both the efficacy and safety of such ingredients.

The all-natural Erectile Dysfunction pills mostly work by increasing the production of nitric oxide in men. Therefore, you can take these natural supplements without worrying that they’ll cause harm to your health.

Furthermore, you’ll not experience unpredictable complications or adverse reactions.

Besides, the most trustworthy products developed using natural components to help you combat ED will not weaken the male reproductive function.

Rather, they will mildly restore your erectile function, increase your endurance and libido, boost sperm characteristics, increase your self-esteem and enhance your overall sexual performance.

This is why most men often prefer using the all-natural supplements over the prescription drugs as it will help them to safely and effectively overcome their sexual weakness.

Vigrx plus bannerIs a Doctor’s Consultation Required?

When it concerns the use of natural Erectile Dysfunction pills, visiting your healthcare provider is not necessary before you start your supplementation. This is because these natural ED pills aren’t like prescription drugs.

So, they don’t have the strong synthetic ingredients whose intake should only be done under the supervision of a doctor.

Instead, the prescription-free supplements are laden with the all-natural ingredients that are of high-quality and are safe for you to use.

However, although the natural ED pills made by reliable manufacturers are clinically-backed and are typically safe, we still recommended that you check your health status before using these pills.

In so doing, you will be able to identify some possible health issues which will help you choose the most efficient solution if needed.

Closing Thoughts

From our list of best ED pills, it’s clear to see that men have a range of products to choose from when it comes to addressing issues of erectile dysfunction. You might prefer using prescription ED pills for the instant result you want. However, you could also choose the natural remedies that will cure ED. But your choice of a supplement will depend on your needs and goals.

One thing to keep in mind is to never exceed the recommended dose for the supplement you are taking.

Also, despite the remedy you decide to go for, you should avoid starting any treatment without getting the go-ahead from your doctor.

We recommend that you seek the expert opinion of your doctor and strictly follow the recommendations they make for you to stay healthy as well as restore your sexual and overall health without problems.