6 Best CBD Oil and Hemp Oil for Pain and Anxiety Reviewed in 2020

best cbd oil for pain and anxiety

Use of best CBD oil can help treat many health issues, starting from anxiety to chronic pain. As a result, CBD oil has won many users hearts across the globe.

To live with pain is not easy. Whether you have arthritis, chronic pain, muscle spasms, or general day-to-day soreness, uncovering a solution that helps you deal with the pain makes all the difference.

Again, anxiety is not anything bad. It is in fact, a healthy reaction that humans developed during the process of evolution and acts as a protective mechanism from other predators.

Anxiety is also recognized as the “fight or flight response,” and can occur once in a while and is completely normal.

Nonetheless, modern times put lots of pressure on us that we’re driven into anxiety on each day—even though we aren’t faced with life-threatening situations.

The solution…

While plants and herbs have been notable for their relaxing properties, cannabis plants appear to be extremely useful in preventing symptoms of anxiety as well as other stress-related disorders.

But how can you find high-quality products if you have never purchased CBD oil before? How do you pick out a reputable brand from a sea of different manufacturers?

In this article, we’ll highlight the medical potentials of CBD oil when it comes to improving anxiety and pain symptoms. We’ll also highlight our Top-5 brands and a buyers guide.

Keep reading to learn more about our reviews on our best 5 CBD oils.

6 Best CBD Oils on the Market in 2020

#1. Empe- CBD Oil

Empe USA

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EMPE CBD Oil is said to comprise of 100% pure CBD which helps deliver you a wide range of health benefits. EMPE USA is available in four different strengths: 2000mg, 1500mg, 1000mg and 500 mg. This product is made using the purest Cannabinoids derived from the Cannabis plant. This CBD oil is made using carefully selected components and following the cGMP authorized manufacturing methods.

The recommended THC quantity in all CBD Oils should not surpass 0.3%, and EMPE CBD adheres to this standard.

Empe CBD tinctures are made using all-natural ingredients. In addition to containing CBD cannabinoid, these tinctures also comprise of omega 6 and omega 3, Organic Hemp oil and vitamin E.

After consuming this oil it goes straight into your bloodstream where it activates your ECS. Since CBD is naturally 100% non-synthetic, thus, its users have the least likelihood of having any side effects.

It is best to take EMPE CBD oil sublingually, and it is quite easy. To do this, you have to use a dropper to place the CBD oil under your tongue. Hold the drops there for 30 seconds.

Once in your system, CBD Oil stimulates your cardiovascular system to operate properly. Another of its great benefits is boosting your memory power.

It works by reducing stress and anxiety levels which occurs by increasing the dopaminergic receptors and getting rid of cortisol.

All EMPE CBD oils are tested and verified by independent third-party labs. Hence, their potency and efficacy are excellent.

Besides, EMPE CBD Oil helps treat muscle fatigue since it moderates the absorption of calcium into the muscles.

And if you are not happy with your order, the developer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. All you need to do is return your order and get a full refund or a replacement.

#2. Wellicy CBD Oil Tinctures

Wellicy Tinctures

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Products by Wellicy come in in different flavours – apple, strawberry, grape, to name a few. Also, their CBD oils are available in different strengths. But, the most popular strengths are 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. You can purchase these products in 30millilitre trademark bottles.

The primary ingredients used in Wellicy products are propylene glycol, natural cannabidiol isolate, food-grade vegetable glycerin, artificial and natural flavouring.

This CBD oil from Wellicy is to be administered sublingually for faster absorption. In addition, you can combine this product in food or beverages or just vape it with your preferred e-liquid.

When using it sublingually, fill a dropper with CBD oil and empty it under your tongue. Keep the contents there for 30 seconds and then swallow.

For potency and efficacy, Wellicy CBD oils are tested and verified by independent third-party labs.

The Wellicy products can be bought and used by users aged 18 years and above. Even so, pregnant women and nursing mothers should talk to a doctor before using any CBD products.

#3. American Hemp Oil CBD tinctures

American Hemp Oil

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This tincture by the American Hemp oil is available in different strengths; 500mg, 1000mg, and 2500 mg. The developer asserts that this CBD oil can be used in managing anxiety, seizure, joint and muscle pains, depression and insomnia.

The American Hemp oil tincture is designed using ingredients that are naturally sourced, thus it offers you fast results without causing side effects.

The process of extracting the American Hemp oils is carried out using technology known as triple extraction. So far, this technology is the first for extracting CBD oils. Besides, it satisfies the industry’s benchmark.

Main components in this product are CBD Hemp extract, a mix of Full Hemp Terpene as well as Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil derived from coconuts

American Hemp CBD oils are to be used by those aged over 18 years. People diagnosed with liver, kidney, or cardiac conditions seek their doctor’s opinion before administering CBD products. Also, pregnant women and nursing mothers should stay away from using these products.

To use American Hemp Oil, place a drop of American Hemp oil under your tongue, hold it for 15 seconds and then swallow it. You can use American Hemp Oil, 1 – 2 times each day. You should talk to your doctor first before increasing your dose.

These products are made using 100% natural ingredients. Because of this, these products will provide you with great results without any side effects. To confirm their potency and efficacy, American Hemp oil products are tested & proven by 3rd party laboratories. Thus, you can get the American Hemp oil tinctures with confidence as you’ll be acquiring the best.

This CBD tincture attracts a 30-day money-back guarantee. Hence, if your order doesn’t deliver you your desired results, you can ship it back to the company for a refund.

#4. Canna CBD Oil Tinctures

Canna CBD Tinctures

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CBD oil tinctures by Canna are made from natural hemp sourced from the local American farmers. To help maintain this product’s high-quality, these oils are extracted and processed following the set cGMP standards.

Products by Canna include vape, pre-rolls, dabs, and CBD tinctures. To increase its customer base, the manufacturer has now developed a whole line of CBD products, especially for pets.

The primary ingredients found in this tincture are premium Hemp oil and cannabidiol.

The manufacturer has included the tinctures dosage directions in its insert. Alternatively, you can discuss this with your doctor to get a suitable dosage for you.

When administering the tincture, the developer recommends that you start by shaking the bottle. To use, fill the issued pipette to the right level and place the contents under your tongue. Keep it there for 60 seconds and swallow.

The manufacturer asserts that all their CBD products are tested for purity, efficacy, and potency by 2 independent labs. Also, the Canna terpenes proprietary blends come in 400mg bottles.

Additionally, their tinctures are sugar-free, soy-free, use no artificial additives or yeast and are also non-GMO.

CBD oils by Canna can be used by persons over 18 years. However, if you suffer from liver, heart, or kidney conditions, it is advisable that you visit a doctor before using these products.

Likewise, the use of CBD oil tinctures by women during pregnancy and lactation is prohibited.

#5 Half Day CBD oils

Half Day CBD Oil

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Half Day CBD oils have been fortified with essential acids, phytocannabinoids, and terpenes. These products come in different strengths – 300mg, 350mg, 500mg, 1000 mg. The manufacturer asserts that their CBD oils products are developed using Hemp sourced from Kentucky farmers.

What’s more, these products do not use preservatives or artificial flavours and are gluten-free. The production process takes place in an FDA-certified facility in adherence to cGMP standards.

Besides, Half Day CBD oils will provide you with reliable potency and efficacy.

The primary ingredients used in this product include Hemp extract, MCT oil, wintergreen flavouring, peach extract, strawberry flavouring and caffeine.

The recommended dose for Half Day CBD oils is found in its insert. The manufacturer recommends using this product orally by filling a dropper with CBD oil twice a day. Alternatively, you can mix this oil in your food or with drinks.

These products are developed using natural compounds, therefore, they do not lead to harmful side effects. What’s more, they’re non-GMO, pesticide-free, and have THC values under o.3 per cent (are non-psychoactive ).

For efficacy and potency, Half Day products are all tested & proven by independent 3rd party labs.

The CBD oil tinctures from Half Day are recommended to be used by people aged over 18 years. Note that pregnant women and breastfeeding mums should avoid using CBD oil products.

If you have a kidney or a heart condition, it is recommended that you talk to your doctor before administering any of Half Day’s tinctures.

The company provides a 30-day refund guarantee on orders for this product.

So, if you for any reason you are not satisfied with your results, you can ship back your order for a full refund. Or you could choose to get a replacement within the 30 days.

#6. Green Infused CBD Oils

Green Infused CBD Oil

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The company, Green Infused, is among the leading manufacturers of high-quality CBD oils within the US. These CBD tinctures are made using high-grade Hemp gotten from the American organic farms.

Green Infused CBD tinctures are produced in FDA approved facilities following the current Good Manufacturing standards. This products by Green Infused are non-GMO, free of pesticides, and contain 0.00% THC. Green Infused CBD oils come in 60 ml bottles.

For efficacy guarantee, every Green infused CBD Oils product is independently tested & verified by 3rd party labs located in the US. You should use Green Infused CBD oils strictly following the manufacturer’s directions or as instructed by the doctor.

From the product’s inserts, the company recommends that you orally take a dropper full of this oil daily. Also, you can opt to mix your dose in beverages or food. Green Infused CBD oils are made using cGMP in an FDA certified facility. The components are all-naturally and sourced from American organic farms.

In addition, this product contains soy and 0.00 per cent THC. For potency and efficacy, all CBD oils by Green Infused are tested & verified by 3rd-party laboratories.

Like other CBD oils, Green Infused CBD oils should strictly be used by persons aged over 18 years. Nursing mothers and pregnant women should avoid using CBD tinctures.

CBD oil for Anxiety

best cbd oil for anxietyWhile most CBD oil is not specifically marketed as best CBD oil for anxiety, however, several studies done on animals and humans have shown that cannabidiol is effective in treating it. Thus far, there have been no long-term studies and also, there are many kinds of anxiety that are yet to be studied.

Although more research needs to be carried out, the current research indicates that cannabidiol appears to have anxiolytic properties. And what this means is that CBD can be used in treating anxiety. This is also among the many positives of cannabidiol that was discovered by scientists as quoted in a clinical study done in 2016.

The most cost-effective and best way to obtain the right doses needed for treating anxiety is by using CBD Oil.  Also, when treating anxiety, you could use the high-potency CBD e-liquid, however, avoid vaping oil-based CBD tinctures that are to used sublingually.

If you decide on a using best CBD oil for anxiety that is not in our list above, always ensure that the manufacturer has conducted third-party lab tests.

CBD Oil and Pain Relief

cbd oil for painIn most industrialized countries, having chronic pain is considered a public issue. And if you have experienced pain, you know that it is not bearable. Across many cultures and in many countries, cannabis has been taken for centuries for treating and fighting pain.

But in past few years, the numbers of people taking the best CBD oil for pain have skyrocketed. This points at its effectiveness thus it has led to the increased usage, making CBD oil more popular among many. Also, the numbers of medical professionals suggesting the use of best CBD oil for pain management have gone up.

As the demand for CBD oil goes up, the players in this industry are also increasing. However, note that all manufacturers make products that are not similar. Some CBD oils can be more suitable for some symptoms compared to others. For this reason and to help you learn more about the best CBD oil for pain and anxiety available today, take a look at the above list of our best CBD oils.

Understanding How CBD Oil Works

How cbd oil works Next, let’s look at how CBD oil works. Globally, many people use cannabidiol for managing and relieving anxiety and pain. Research also shows that the use of pure and high-quality CBD oil can help you manage anxiety and pain. The CBD naturally interacts with your body’s ECS (endocannabinoid system) in a positive way.

Your bodies’ ECS produces natural cannabinoids which contribute to your feeling pain, pleasure, alleviating anxiety, control appetite, and regulate sleep patterns. If you consume CBD oil, your body’s cannabinoids will get supplemented with more cannabinoids.

This results in your body’s natural cannabinoids production increasing. From this, the natural healing abilities of your ECS system get enhanced.

CBD oil will interact with your brain and other receptors, thus promoting and producing anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects. Also, CBD interacts with the cellular level ECS, to greatly reduce the severity and instances of neuropathic or chronic pain. Additionally, it increases your body’s serotonin production as well.

When you take CBD, its chemical effects in your body often work to benefit those suffering from every kind of chronic pains such as pain on the back, knee and in the joints.

For people who suffer from painful rheumatoid arthritis, joint pains or swellings, CBD oil offers relieve thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Also, it is linked to reducing the rate of joint destruction and the progress of the disease.

How to Take CBD Oil for Anxiety and Pain

How to take cbd oilCBD oil can be used in many ways depending on different people preferences. Each method has its positives and disadvantages. To learn more about the different methods of usage, let’s look at the ways commonly used in consuming CBD oil.

CBD Gummies & Capsules

Most CBD oil products come in various flavours and are either chewed, taken with a drink or eaten as sweets. Most users that don’t like the natural flavour of hemp choose to take CBD oil in these forms. However, they don’t get absorbed in your bloodstream immediately; it takes time. Due to this, their effects are not felt quickly.

Sublingual Drops

This is the most popular method. CBD oil is placed under your tongue and gets absorbed into your bloodstream almost immediately. And in a short time, its effects start showing.

CBD Edibles

On some occasions, CBD oil is used as the main ingredient in cooking or baking food. Most people prefer to use CBD oil in brownies, salad dressing, and cookies. But its benefits take some time to get produced.


CBD-e-liquid oils get specially formulated to offer you the best results while vaping. Their results show almost immediately.

CBD Topical Creams

These are perfect for skin conditions. To get relief, apply CBD cream on the area that’s affected. Its effects don’t show manifest and they don’t last long compared to doses taken orally.

Buyers’ Guide

Below are several things for you to consider before getting CBD oil.

The cost

Keep in mind that cheaper is not always better. You might want to buy a product based on other factors first, then look at the price list. Simply put, if the CBD oil you want meets all the other criteria, then you should get it.

Choose full-spectrum CBD Oil

If you have a choice between an isolate and full-spectrum CBD oil, go for the latter. The reason being, Full-spectrum CBD oils contain all the primary compounds found in a hemp plant. The compounds are flavonoids, fatty acids, fibre, terpenes and proteins.

Buy from reputable companies

Reports show that there are lots of inaccuracies when it comes to labelling CBD products. That’s why you must buy from reputable companies. Reputable companies usually offer transparency and also share third-party lab results. Avoid buying from companies that state that their products provide extreme results.

The extraction method

The extraction process of CBD Oil determines a lot. The method used helps determine whether the CBD oil will comprise of harmful contaminants or not. Even then, the best method is CO2 extraction.

Final Thoughts

Order Empe USA TodayThese days, the use of best CBD oil for anxiety and pain management has become more popular. With the ever-increasing evidence to backing CBD Oil positive effects on a users mental and general well-being. This comes as no surprise that many more people are choosing to use CBD for help.

If you are considering buying CBD oil from locals shops or online for your pain and anxiety symptoms, always ensure that it is made by a reputable brand.

The manufacturer should be open about its manufacturing practices as well as have many positive reviews.

Also, CBD oil is efficient in the management of other body functions like sleep cycle, glucose levels and blood pressure.

CBD oil is a good choice for you if you want to lead a happy and healthy life.