Bathmate Hydro Pumps Review 2020: A Water-Based Workout Device for Your Penis?

While there are several methods that men can use to increase their penis size, our Bathmate review will be focusing on one such method. And that’s a penis pump which differs from going under the knife or popping pills.

Although each of these methods has its positives and disadvantages, not all offer men complete satisfaction. Also, some could, unfortunately, lead to regrettable yet irreversible results.

Even then, there’s one penis enlargement apparatus that seems to surpass all expectations —by the name Bathmate.

bathmate reviewThis product has gained much popularity recently, thus you might have heard of it and its workings. This device uses pressure to get your penis to slowly and safely lengthen and expand.

Bathmate works by exercising your erectile tissues, Corpora Cavernosa, to let in more blood to flow within its vessels.

With fuller vessels and its continual maximum stretching, your penis size will increase. While this could be an additional penis enlargement pump, it does not entirely work like the rest.

The regular pumps rely on air to pressurize their cylinder. Due to this, they have an external device — for pumping air into the cylinder, unlike Bathmate.

Bathmate, in contrast, uses water. And thanks to its patented and ingeniously designed hydraulic technology, Bathmate doesn’t have pumps and nozzles dangling from the other end.

The First Hydro Pump

The first hydro pump was offered in 2006 and was called the Bathmate Hercules. From that time, this device established itself among the undisputable leaders in penis enlargement.

This is since at that time this was the world’s first-ever water-powered penis pump. Hydro7 was a revolutionary answer to the issues of penis expansion.

Since its launch, over 1 million men from across the globe have appreciated the benefits that the bathmate hydro pump can offer.

Though many years after this pump was launched the manufacturer has designed many new bathmate hydro pumps

Bathmate is available in three different pumps

bathmate hydro pump

  • First is the “Hydro series” that has 1 pump known as Hydro7. This basic version was built for men with the penis size of 5 to 7 when erect
  • Next is the “Hydromax series” which is an upgrade from the Hydro series. It has an additional 35% pumping power and 92% customer satisfaction rate. This series includes Hydrmax9, Hydromax7 wide boy, Hydromax7, and Hydromax5
  • Lastly, there’s HydroXtreme that’s based on Hydromax series. However, it comes with a game-changing pump and numerous accessories.

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How to Use Bathmate for Premature Ejaculation?

If you’re using bathmate for treating premature ejaculation this penis pump is quite easy to use. You only need to wear this pump for 5 to 10 minutes before having sex.

Wearing it before you engage in sex will give you minor numbing sensations that can help you last longer.

How to Use Bathmate for Better Erections?

When you decide to use this pump for treating erectile dysfunction, then you have two different ways you can use it. Apply this pump before sex, thus when pumped the created vacuum will draw blood into the penis to give you strong erections.

If you have a hard time sustaining strong erections, you could use a cock ring which will help you maintain your erection solid.

Secondly, use the Bathmate pump for 5 days per week as you shower/bath. This can boost your erections even if you’re not using Bathmate Hydromax.

We would recommend that you use it every day for 5 mins at the start then work your way to 20 minutes a day.


How to Use Bathmate for Penis Enlargement?

As you use this male enhancement device you’ll need to put in the effort. We are talking 5 days per week for about 4 to 6 months.

You’ll notice size difference after your first time of using it. But when you don’t continue the exercise, your penis will revert to normal within 2 days.

One way we recommend when using this pump is to use daily as you wash. Doing so will help you include it in your daily routine.

It’s easy to give up or skip some days but when you invest some time and effort you’ll get amazing results.


Is Bathmate Safe?

As mentioned earlier, this was the first penis pump to apply a revolutionary idea that uses water rather than air. This then became an advancement in the safety of pumps.

Consequently, water made the usage of penis pumps a lot safer. And this saw a substantial drop in the percentage of penile injuries compared to those of air pumps.

That said, you should not forget about the need to follow the user directions provided by the device manufacturer.

The developer uses medically graded and skin-safe materials that contained no dangerous phthalate.

This made it possible for the manufacturer to reduce the possibility of any skin reactions as well as other negative consequences.

Also, dermatological tests have provided proof that this penis pump features a high safety level.

When to Expect the Results

The time you’ll need to get some results will depend on your reason for using the Bathmate device.

Therefore, if you want to achieve a strong erection for engaging in sexual intercourse, you’ll get it almost immediately. That is, it’ll occur once you remove the device.

But, if you want to enlarge your penis, you’ll need more time before you see some results.

This will take 1 to 3 months for you to experience the growth of your penis by about 1 to 2 cm (0.5 inches). Plus, the results you get will be permanent.

By taking 15 minutes each day 3 to 4 times a week can allow you to attain your goals in penis enlargement.

The Bathmate Hydromax Size Guide

Bathmate pumps come in many different options and sizes to suit each user. When buying a penis pump it’s important that you find the exact size for you.

In this hydromax size guide, you will learn about some things to consider as you shop for the right size of a penis pump for you.

The available options are…

#1. The Bathmate x20

This pump is for men with a penis length of about 2.9 inches – 4.9 inches with a width of 1.8 inches. This gives you more room for growth as you use this pump.

#2. The Bathmate X30

The next size is for men with a penis length of between 4.9 inches to 7.1 inches with a width of 2.0 inches. This pump gives you the extra room to grow when using a bathmate Hydro pump.

#3. The Bathmate X40

The next option is made for men with a penis length of about 7.1 inches to 9.1 inches with a width of 2.2. The pump will give you more room to grow.

#4. The Bathmate X50

This hydro pump is for men with a penis length of between 9.1 to 11 inches with a width of about 2.6. The Bathmate X50 is the largest pump in the Bathmate hydro pump range.

You might notice that as you use the penis pumps for a while you’ll move up to your next pump size.

Then you’ll have to get the next bigger size which can be a downside when you are using these penis pumps. This is because the first pump that you had bought will become useless as you’ll have outgrown it.

These pump sizes are offered in the bathmate hydromax. Also, the Bathmate Xtreme is available in each size.

The Different penis Pump kits available were Renamed

These pumps remain the same but their names changed. This means “different names same gains”.

The pumps new names are…

  • Hydro – The ideal kit for beginners. It’s the original range of bathmate pumps.
  • Hydromax – It is ideal for experienced users. It is the hydromax range.
  • Hydroxtreme – The ideal kit for gains master. It is the hydromax Xtreme range.

Also, the bathmate penis pump sizes have been renamed and now you can buy the wide boy edition. Bathmate new sizes are hydromax 9, 7, 7 wide boy and the Hydromax 5.


Extra Accessories

Next in our Bathmate review, let us look at a few Accessories you can use together with your new penis pump. These include;

  • A Cleaning Kit

This kit comes with every tool you’ll need to keep the gaiters and your pump clean, fresh and shiny.

The cleaning kit can help you to maintain your pump and more importantly help you keep the gators clean and the rubber to remain malleable.

You can include this cleaning kit to your order but you’ll have to pay extra for them.

  • A Trimming Kit

This neat little kit can be useful for when you need a trim up. The trim up can help your pump to work even better and not lose any power. That is provided you keep the pubes trimmed.

  • Cushion Rings

Cushion rings will help make your entire pumping experience more comfortable. What you need to do is place these at the bottom of your penis pump before using it.

This addition will only serve to make your entire pumping experience better.

  • A Capsule Travel Case

This travel case makes another great addition to your order. It’s a hard case that helps protect your pump.

Also, it may be a good idea to buy this case if you’d like to take your pump with you as it will keep it hidden.

Which Bathmate Model Should I Get? What to Consider

When shopping for a penis pump, there are three different things that you should consider. These are:

#1. Why You Want A Penis enlargement Device

There are many reasons why you may want to use a penis pump. Also, different reasons for use will require different pumps.

Now, let’s look at some of these reasons here:

Erectile dysfunction – You could consider using the HydroMax series when you want to achieve strong erections as well as train your penis. Also, you could use the Xtreme versions but it’s not necessary.

Penis enlargement – A penis pump that is suitable for penis growth is the strongest penis pumps known as Bathmate HydroXtreme series.

For sexual pleasure – You do not need much vacuum thus you can choose any pump that fits your budget and size.

#2.  The Size of your Penis

It’s essential that you buy a Bathmate model device that fits right for your penis size. Bathmate new pumps are suitably named following their sizes in inches.

So, this means that Bathmate HydroMax7 is to be used by guys with a penis that is 7 inches or smaller.

Also, you can convert the size of your penis in cm. when converting to inches, you multiply the number by 2.54.

To date, Bathmate offers 2 models which are specially made for the men with very wide penises.

These models can also be used by men with unnatural penis curves that make it impossible for them to use the normal sized pump.

Tip: It is suggested that you choose the bigger version if you’re size is between two different sizes.

#3. Your Budget

Finally, you must consider your budget since penis pumps are quite pricy especially when you want to get the best power and quality.

Bathmate’s cheapest pump is known as Hydro7 that goes for $110.

You will enjoy 35% extra vacuum pressure when you choose to use the HydroMax7 but it’ll cost you $159.

Finally, the HydroXtreme7 pump that comes with more power goes for $299!

And the priciest penis pump is HydroXtreme11 which goes for $399. This amount is almost 4x the cost of Hydro7 pump.

Note that you can buy all the models from the company’s official website. Also, the developer offers a 60-day refund guarantee if you are not happy with your order.order bathmate hydromax

How do I use a Bathmate penis pump?

To start with, you may want to take a warm bath or shower for around 5 minutes. Doing so will help warm up your blood vessels and to make your device more effective.

Next, you ensure you fill up your device with water while keeping your fingers on the valve found at the tip which will help prevent the water from escaping.

After that, gently put your penis in the pump ensuring the base sits comfortably against your body.

Then, pump out some water until you create a vacuum within the chamber. Also, your penis will gradually adjust to this vacuum by becoming hard.

After, you’ve adjusted your device to gentle pressure, be sure to pump again to let out more water.

You’ll soon feel the suction, however, it does not have to be uncomfortable or painful. If at some point the pressure happens to too much, just push the valve found at the tip to free some pressure.

Once you reach a comfortable pressure limit, you can wait for 5 minutes until the pressure inside the chamber has softened before pumping again.

After 15 – 20 minutes of application, completely release the pressure and remove your pump.

Remember to clean it frequently to avoid infections or calcium build up if you live in an area that has hard water.

When you find it challenging to achieve a good suction at the pump base, you could try trimming your pubic hair around that area and apply either Vaseline or water on the base of your pump.


How often should I use Bathmate?

This will mostly depend on what you wish to attain when using it. If you’re looking to enhance your sexual performance, then use it before sex.

If you want to permanently change your penis size by increasing its growth, then you’ll need to apply Bathmate for 4-6 days per week for several months before you see results.

This is similar to weight lifting at the gym – you’ll need to keep doing this if you want to have some improvements. Also, remember that your body needs to have at least a day’s rest each week for repairing itself.

Benefits of using a Bathmate penis pump

The use of Bathmate penis pumps can offer you many benefits. For people who experience erectile dysfunction or even performance linked to anxiety, this pens pump will eliminate your symptoms by providing you with erections on demand.

The erections you get using Bathmate are stronger, harder, longer-lasting and bigger than natural erections. And this can be helpful especially in the bedroom.

With increased blood flow and penis volume, will also boost your sexual stamina, helping you get more powerful orgasms while preventing premature ejaculation.

When it comes to penis growth, you could expect a growth of about 30% in girth and around 20% in length when you use this device regularly. The best part, the change you achieve is permanent.

When you first use the Bathmate, you’ll be amazed by the erection size, but after several hours your penis will revert to its normal size.

But, with long-term usage, you can achieve permanent changes to your penis size.

Something else that Bathmate penis pumps do is it helps straighten any curvature found in your penis (here a curvature is under 20%).

It also will increase the size of your penis’ head and this will help decrease and also prevent impotence.

The Bathmate pumps are easy to use and safe, with a session running for between 15 to 20 minutes.

And provided you follow the directions of use correctly, you’re less likely to suffer any side effects when using Bathmate – besides having a permanently bigger penis.

hydromax series


Potential disadvantages of using Bathmate Devices

Keep in mind that no product is 100 percent perfect, and this includes Bathmate pumps. There are several potential flaws that its users have highlighted.

First, it can at times be somewhat tricky to have a good seal between your body and the base of your penis pump.

Some ways you can use in overcoming this is by shaving the area, then applying Vaseline or water to the base of your pump.

Also, it’s important that you make sure you get the right pump size as this can help with the body to pump seal.

Secondly, remember that it will take some time before you can see the results. Note that the temporary bigger than normal erections will subside after several hours.

But, it will take you months of continuous use for you to gain several inches in length and girth. So far, there has been no quick fix for enlarging the penis size. Hence, for the time being, patience is key.

Finally, you’ll want to confirm whether you live in an area with hard water. This is because the pressure valve found at the tip of your penis pump will accumulate calcium overtime when the device is not cleaned regularly.

Money-Back Guarantee

Bathmate devices are highly potent pumps. Even then the manufacturer cares about their customers who might be unhappy with the pump’s action.

Thus, for these customers, the developer offers a money-back guarantee that is valid for 60 days.

This refund period is enough for you to appraise all of Bathmate’s benefits that the device you choose can provide.

Final thoughts

In our Bathmate review, we have seen that these penis pumps are the best solution to different male problems, starting from performance-related anxiety to penis enlargement to erectile dysfunction.

Even when you don’t suffer from any issue that might interfere with your sexual performance, Bathmate will improve your sexual experiences. And this will help you last longer and even ejaculate harder than never before.

The Bathmate pumps are easy to use and safe with no harmful side effects. That is provided you stick to the manufacturer’s instructions correctly.

These penis pumps are a bit more expensive compared to other penis pumps accessible on the market. However, this is because you’re paying for the best quality.

Note that air pumps are known for causing injury, while the hydro pumps (or water pumps) are a lot safer to use.

As concerns your sexual health and penis, we think it’s better to spend a bit more to ensure you’re getting high-quality and safe products that will provide you with the best results.

What’s more, you are guaranteed to attain your desired goals.

order bathmate hydromax