Andarine S4 for Sale: Best SARM for Rapid Muscle Mass Gains and Fat Loss?

Andarine is said to be among the stronger compounds since its fast-acting. Therefore, when using this SARM, you’ll have huge results in a short time. Since it’s particularly strong, Andarine is widely taken by many athletes as well as bodybuilders.

S-4 ANDARINEBut what you aren’t aware of is that this compound is not being researched any more. Although different sources detailed that this SARM provided very promising effects, all research on Andarine has been abandoned completely.

Having said that, make no mistake, as this compound is a great SARM that provides tons of benefits. What’s more, S-4 will enhance your lean muscle mass, improve strength and it’s among the finest muscle hardeners we’ve seen to date.

In this review, you’ll find out more about Andarine, its benefits, side effects, dosage and why it’s thought to be potent and safe altogether.

The History of Andarine

S4 ( Andarine) or by other names Andarin, GTx-007 or S-40503 was developed by GTX labs as one of their research programs on SARMS for treating Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. The recent results show that S-40542 has prostate-selective SARM activity, which suggests of it having a clinical benefit in fighting benign prostate hyperplasia.

Also, THQ compounds can be helpful in the research of the working of SARMs and the designing of safer SARM antagonists.

Since S4 was effective in stopping Dihydrotestosterone from attaching to the androgen receptors, for a while, this compound was considered to be a side-effect-free replacement for Finasteride in treating BPH.

However, due to some concerns around side effects linked to the vision, this saw Phase-II of S-4 clinical studies get tossed on the backburner.

Since S4 is a selective agonist for the androgen receptor, it also showed remarkable efficacy in growing lean muscle mass, enhancing strength even if you aren’t training and even promoting lipolysis.

These three characteristics are what most athletes, bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts’ desire. And that goes to explain the eventual appearance of S4 in the underground labs. And from the onset, it took off.

Andarine’s Mechanism of Action

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Like other SARMs, Andarine works by selectively attaching itself to the androgen receptors. When it comes to developing lean muscle mass, the androgen receptors have a major role to play.

While Andarine S-4 has undergone some human trials, no studies on this were published. However, there is some incomplete information offered, which suggests that Andarine was depicted as the ultimate SARM.

This was primarily because:

  • Anabolic bone and muscle effects
  • Single daily dosages
  • Complete oral bioavailability

We should also mention that Andarine is a partial agonist of androgen receptors. Thus, some claim that it’s thought to be weaker compared to other SARMs. However, that’s not the case.

The best part when using S4 is that it’s effective even at low doses. And thanks to its high bioavailability you’ll make good results within weeks.

Also, it will bind to the receptors found in your eyes, which then causes a characteristic side effect that we will discuss later in this article.

Additionally, S4 is not broken down into DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) or estrogen, so it will generally have a milder effect on your body.


Andarine Dosage and Half-life

S4 (Andarine) has a short half-life of around 3 hours. Therefore, the dose should be taken several times a day to make certain that you maintain a consistent amount of the compound in your body.

With that in mind, the recommended starting S4 dose is 50mg per day separated into 2-3 doses. And this is preferably taken one time in the morning and only once alongside your pre-workout meal.

But, some users have also reported excellent results when using a dose of 25mg/day.

The thing is, the benefit of beginning at a low dose is you’re less likely to get the vision side effects. Besides, why increase your dose and take the risk while you can reach your goals by following the lowest dose?

Benefits of Andarine

Andarine S4 is currently among the most potent and complete androgen receptor agonists available in the world of SARMS. Plus, it’s highly tissue-selective in how it works. Thus, you can practically expect all the benefits that you would achieve when taking a powerful androgen.

Because a huge amount of researches on Andarine S-4 are going around, different benefits have so far been reported from around the world. Below is a look at some of the reported benefits which include:

  • The bioavailability of Andarine is pretty high compared to other SARMs. And this means that S4 is strong and a smaller dose is sufficient to offer you significant benefits.
  • What’s more, as said by research journals, S4 doesn’t go through aromatization (the conversion process of testosterone into estrogen).
  • This then reduces the risk of suffering estrogenic side effects such as hair loss, gynecomastia, and water retention.
  • Also, S4 enhances the production of testosterone, and in so doing it helps increase your strength, energy and improves your stamina.
  • Besides, with improved metabolic activity your muscle mass and weight loss are enhanced.

And although reports have indicated that there’s a slight suppression in your natural testosterone levels, so far, there have been no user-related reports on this.

Besides, the suppression can potentially be due to S4’s anabolic activity. However, researchers maintain that lower dosages don’t lead to severe suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary. Thus, you don’t need post cycle therapy (PCT).




This compound is well-known among athletes for ‘bulking’ and ‘cutting’ purposes. Even when consuming fewer calories, many users have shown to have increased muscle mass and strength. Thus, within a short time, you will be able to increase your workout hours at the gym without feeling tired.

Also, S4 enhances fat oxidation and even decreases the lipoprotein lipase activity. This then shrinks fat accumulation and thus helps you maintain your weight while converting stored fat into new muscle tissues.

And these are the desired characteristics that bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and athletics look for. There are those who prefer to stack Andarine with other SARMs products for their synergic action.


Studies showed that S4 is selective to the prostrate and this can be clinically beneficial when it concerns the treating of benign prostate hyperplasia (that commonly occurs in elderly men).

Andarine does this by preventing Dihydrotestosterone from binding to the androgen receptors which then helps in treating BPH.


Since S4 can combat muscle wasting, it is a potential option for addressing senile-onset osteoporosis. This disease is often seen among elderly post-menopausal women and they also commonly suffer from pathological fractures. That’s because there’s an imbalance in the formation and degeneration of the bones.

Andarine, on the other hand, will increase your bone mineral density and enhance your bone matrix, thus increasing your overall stamina and strength.


Today, obesity has become a major concern. This is because more and more people make unhealthy lifestyles choices and even don’t engage in any physical activity.

With the prevailing sedentary lifestyle, exercises have become old-fashioned. Despite taking balanced low-calorie diets, promoting fat loss is still a daunting task.

But when using Andarine, you’ll have a boost in your metabolism which not only enhances fat loss but helps grow your lean muscle mass.

And this can notably give the perfect physique that most professionals, including models, athletes, and bodybuilder’s desire.

Next, let’s explore some of S4’s possible side effect.

S-4 ANDARINEAny possible Andarine Side Effects?


Did you know there are androgen receptors in your eyes? And it happens that Andarine targets these receptors.

Due to this, many people have reported getting a yellow tint in their vision because of using S4.

From what some reviews say, you are likely to notice this if you are driving at night or moving into rooms that are differently lit.

But, take note that this side effect doesn’t occur to all users, plus it appears to be dependent on your dosage.

This is why you should start by taking a lower dose then gradually increase it to the recommended 50 mg a day sweet spot.

Fortunately, this side effect is not permanent, and many people have reported that their vision returned to normal after discontinuing using Andarine S4 for several days.

Hormone Suppression

Although S4 is more selective and milder compared to other powerful androgenic roids, this SARM has hormone-suppressive effects.

With that in mind, we recommend that you follow your cycle with a mini post-cycle therapy (PCT) to help return your body into balance.

How can I Take Andarine S4?

Normally, Andarine comes in liquid form or pills that come with a specified dose.

Taking these pills is easy, with most people taking their S4 first thing in the morning but before breakfast.

But, if you’re taking the liquid form of S4, you could measure your desired amount then place it under the tongue. This way, it’ll get absorbed rapidly and start working almost instantly.

And if you’re new to using SARMs, it’s advisable that you start by taking a relatively low dosage then slowly increase your dose.

Andarine S4 Dosage

S4 can be taken for when you are cutting, bulking, recomping or strength training provided you take it in the right dose.

Generally, you can take it alone at a dose of 50 mg a day, and you will notice an improvement in the gym.

But, if you want to push the boundaries, this compound also works great when paired with other SARMs.

How Can I Stack Andarine?

Let’s look at some of the stacks you can use to enhance your fitness goals when on S4.


Most users prefer to combine Andarine at 50 mg with 10mg of RAD140 (Testolone) during a bulk.


If you want to push larger numbers in the gym, you could pair Andarine at 50 mg dose a day with LGD-4033 at 10 mg dose a day.

This pair offers you the best effects and is suitable for you when you’re seeking strength gains.


Amazingly, S4 is great for a cut. For this, you can combine S4 at 25 mg a day dose with a dose of Cardarine at 20 mg during cutting to burn larger amounts of fat, maintain your existing muscle mass, and prevent muscle wasting.


If it’s gaining lean muscle that you wish to achieve as you experience fat loss through the elusive recomp, then consider pairing S4 with a daily dose of 25mg Ostarine and Cardarine at 20 mg a day.

The stack of these three SARMs is so potent, that it’ll offer you the ability to train for many weeks as well as gain muscle mass even when you are running on caloric deficit diet.


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That being said, S4 is a great choice since it’ll help increase your muscle mass as it targets selective receptors without the resultant rise in water retention.

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