Expert Rheumatology Care at Providence

Rheumatology is a sub-specialty in internal medicine and pediatrics, devoted to diagnosis and therapy of rheumatic diseases. Rheumatologists deal mainly with clinical problems involving jointssoft tissuesautoimmune diseasesvasculitis, and connective tissue disorders.

Many of these diseases are now known to be disorders of the immune system, and rheumatology is increasingly the study of immunology.

Customized Care from Dr. Jamshidi

Dr. Tara Jamshidi is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases that may affect joints, bones, muscles, and other tissues. She works with patients to develop a customized management plan to help improve the function and quality of life of her patients.

Dr Jamshidi completed a fellowship in Rheumatology from Georgetown University Hospital and practices exclusively at Providence in the DePaul Building, Suite 110.

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