Men's Health Services Encourage Longer, Healthier Lives

Although statistics show that men and women are living longer, it also notes that men are not taking complete control of their health. While the women in your life are often more attentive to your well-being than you might be, at Providence Hospital, we are here to help you take better control of your health.

In order to maintain a healthy, long, active life, there are many health problems men should pay close attention to, and gain understanding of. And, as you mature, you should consider and pay close attention to the aging process and the effects in which some of these health conditions may have on your everyday function.

Providence focuses on the health and wellness of all persons, and provides a wide range of exceptional Men’s Health Services for all in our community. We encourage all men to become educated about the many health issues that can and may arise in their life.

Understanding Common Men's Health Conditions

Prostate Cancer is one of the most common health problems among men in this country, especially African Americans. Other conditions include DiabetesHeart Disease and High Blood Pressure, Alzheimer’s Disease, Erectile DysfunctionLung or Pulmonary conditionsObesity or Overweight, and other Cancers. Symptoms and treatments may differ from women and may also have different affects than women.

Experience Men's Health at Providence

Our dedicated staff of healthcare professionals is experienced in diagnosing, evaluating, and treating health-related problems in men. We also provide educational programs and support groups associated with each particular health issue. 

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