Patients Share Their Experience with Providence Orthopedic Surgeons

Dr. E. Anthony Rankin

Dr. Rankin was very knowledgeable and professional... I appreciated his expertise and attention to my injury. I look forward to working with him.
- Dana C.

Dr. Marc Rankin

Dr. Rankin and his staff were excellent. From the person that greeted me to the person that processed me out, I had a wonderful experience. I truly understand my ailment, the cause, and what I need to do to heal. I highly recommend Dr. Rankin and his staff for your orthopedic concerns

Dr. Daniel Lahr

I recommend Dr. Lahr to anybody who asks me. I think he was very professional and enjoyed very much talking with him in regards to my problem and the main thing for me was that he let me talk and he listened. 
- Larry T. - July 30, 2012 

Very comical and knowledgeable and understanding, best bedside manners... Other doctors need to be more like him...
- Tynisa W. 

Dr. Craig Thomas

I'll be returning for all of my orthopedic needs even though the office wait was very long. It's worth the wait to consult with a physician who is so intelligent and treats his patients with respect for their understanding of their own bodies. 

He and his assistant are great, compassionate, friendly and knowledgeable. I'd highly recommend him. 
– Mattie S. 

Dr. Robert Wilson

The doctor was wonderful! He answered all my questions and provided excellent professional advice. The staff was also great! Everyone was very professional, cordial and the service was prompt.
- Serena P.

Dr. Wilson is clearly very knowledgeable and is incredibly easy to interact with. He does little things that let you know that he "gets it." For example, he completely paused mid-exam to let me vent about my wrist even though there was little to no diagnostic value to my venting. He has my absolute highest recommendation.
- Verified Patient

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