Experience Life Well Lived with Bariatric Surgery at Providence

Understanding Whether Bariatric Surgery is Right for You

According to the American Society of Bariatric Surgery, surgical treatment is medically necessary because it’s the only proven method of achieving Long Term Weight Control for the morbidly obese person. This is not cosmetic surgery. The surgeon does not remove any fatty tissue during this procedure.

All bariatric procedures provided at the Bariatric Care Center at Providence are intended to reduce the volume of food our postoperative patients can consume. By eating smaller amounts of food much slower, digestion is enhanced and patients can take the time to enjoy the taste of healthier foods. The dietary instruction is provided to our patients to assist them in improved food selection. Our diet encourages high protein, low calorie dietary intake.

How to use Bariatric Surgery as a Resource on Your Journey to Good Health

Our patients are first educated in our program about all three procedures provided by the surgeon. Patients do need to know the differences and similarities among the various procedures. Bariatric patients talk to other patients and there are times when misinformation is conveyed. For examples, our patients need to know that initial weight loss varies with the type of procedure. 

Weight loss success is directly proportional to the level of effort and commitment to post operative instructions. The post-operative instructions vary with the operative procedure. Ultimately, the patient must be actively involved in making healthier food choices, consuming protein and water.

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