Fighting Back Against Breast Cancer in African American Women

Jun 13, 2014
Last month noted breast health surgeon and Providence Medical Staff member Dr. William Funderburk appeared on Soul of the South TV to discuss the high incidence of breast cancer among African American women – and how this trend could be reversed with affordable care, routine screening, and early treatment.

Speaking with correspondent Angela Rae on the show’s “DC Breakdown” segment, Dr. Funderburk was cautiously optimistic that the Affordable Care Act would help African American women receive mammograms for little or no cost, and will guarantee that cancer centers and hospitals offering cancer treatment will also provide a health navigator to guide patients.

“There is little doubt that if we get people into the health care system earlier, and find cancer sooner, we will save lives,” said Dr. Funderburk.  “But we have to let people know about the minimal cost involved in some of these tests, and figure out how to get the people to come before they find something wrong, when sometimes it’s too late.”

He noted that a growing awareness of breast health has positively impacted the African American community as well as women everywhere, but more still needs to be done to raise awareness and churches and community leaders should play a part in educating their communities.

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Dr. William Funderburk - Breast Health from Soul of the South Television on Vimeo.

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