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Providence Center of Joint Replacement Features ‘Patient-Centric’ Approach to Faster Recovery and Better Outcomes

Aug 13, 2013

 Washington, DC- More than one in four Americans have bone or joint health problems, making them the greatest cause of lost work days in the U.S, and an estimated one million hip and knee replacement surgeries are performed each year, according the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. 

 The Center for Joint Replacement at the E. Anthony Rankin Pavilion, a Providence Destination Center for Superior Performance, features a comprehensive, ‘patient-centric’ approach to those having hip and knee replacement surgery in the Washington, DC metro area. 

The team of orthopaedic specialists at Providence, known for its state-of-the art arthroscopic treatments and technologies for hips and knees, as well as shoulders, hands, wrists and elbows provides patients with the most advanced care to expedite their recovery and quickly return to normal activities. 

The Joint Replacement program, which is unique to Providence, is designed to engage the patient and his or her beginning with pre-operative classes and continuing through the recovery process. Patients are encouraged to have a friend or family member act as a ‘coach’ as they go through the joint replacement process, and they participate in activities with other patients undergoing similar surgeries. 

Prior to surgery, patients attend a pre-operative class where they receive information on what to expect before, during and after their joint replacement surgery. They are assigned special rooms in a dedicated setting, fostering an atmosphere of ‘wellness’, and work in groups with other patients and a specially trained staff where they are encouraged to take an active role in their own recovery and rehabilitation. 

Patients wear their own clothes instead of hospital gowns, and they exercise and eat together. The ‘group’ approach is designed to make recuperation fun and patients support one another during their hospital stay. Previous participants in the new program have experienced shorter hospital stays, had fewer complications and better outcomes than those who experienced joint replacements in a traditional setting. 

“We’re pleased to offer this ‘patient-centric’ approach to joint replacement at the E. A. Rankin Pavilion at Providence,” said Dr. Craig M. Thomas, Director of Orthopaedics.” This new program combines our clinical expertise with a proactive, personalized approach to patient rehabilitation and recovery, ensuring active patient engagement and excellent outcomes.” 

 Hip or knee pain sufferers are encouraged to attend one of Providence Hospital’s Joint Replacement educational seminars. For more information visit www.rankinortho.com, or contact Laura Miller (202) 552-4878. 

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