Providence Health System recently announced its decision to transition out of acute care services by December 2018 so that it can shift its focus to leading the collaborative work to create a model that will keep health at the center, remove the obstacles and barriers to a healthy life for all, and better meet the needs of a changing and growing community.

    We are excited about the future and the positive impact this work will make on those we serve.  This decision was based on many conversations with key leaders both inside and outside of the organization, as well as in-depth assessment of the community’s needs.  Having a collaborative process with input that represents a variety of perspectives continues to be at the forefront of the work ahead.  Multiple transition teams have been assembled to define our next steps in both transitioning out of acute care and developing our future.   Our goal is to have more defined plans in October, and we remain committed to transparency in sharing that information.

    We believe this inclusive process is critical to our success.  As this work develops we want to continue to engage with our patients and community in a candid and direct way.  Please see a summary of our work and Frequently Asked Questions below.

Summary of Work:

We remain committed to our Mission

  • Our Mission calls us to serve all persons especially those who are struggling the most. This transition continues in unwavering alignment with that tradition, and will allow us to address issues not currently addressed directly in today’s healthcare model.

Providence Will Continue to be Present in the District of Columbia

  • Providence was founded by the Daughters of Charity and President Abraham Lincoln signed our original charter. We will remain a partner in the community in that same spirit. How we do that is changing based on the changing needs of the community.

 Providence is transitioning to best serve the community

  • We are focused on improving the health of our community instead of fixing people’s sickness.
  • We will create solutions collaboratively with each health system, DC Health (the District’s health department), and the community itself to ensure we are addressing collectively the overall wellness needs of our residents, not just their healthcare needs.
  • Providence will continue to provide healthcare services on an ambulatory and outpatient basis where the greatest needs are documented.
  • We will transition out of providing acute care (all inpatient) services, including emergency medicine services by the end of December 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the hospital transitioning its services?

  • Providence is adapting to the changing healthcare needs of our community.
  • This transition will allow us to provide healthcare in a new way that best serves the needs of our community with a stronger focus on prevention and wellness.
  • Providence Health will continue to offer a variety of services to ensure the best health of our community.
  • We will be transitioning out of all acute care services, including emergency department services, by the end of December 2018.  Acute care services are those that require a stay at the hospital.

When will this transition take place?

  • Providence Health offers a variety of services and we will continue to focus on many of them to ensure the best health of our community.
  • We will transition out of providing acute care services by the end of December 2018.

Will jobs be impacted?

  • While this transition will provide new opportunities, it also will result in changes to our current staffing.
  • Providence leadership and Human Resources teams are working to ensure we support all associates during this time with dignity and respect.

How will this transition impact the community?

  • This transition will enable us to sustain our Mission of serving all with special attention to those who are poor and vulnerable.
  • Providence and Ascension will remain in D.C. and continue to provide care to our community during this transformation.
  • We are confident our community will continue to be served as many high-quality providers remain in the area.
  • We are working closely with the DC Hospital Association and local hospital leaders to ensure a smooth transition and continued care for those we have served.

How will you provide healthcare in this new way?

  • Task forces representing associates and physicians will have a voice in defining transition plans for the future state of Providence.

This is an exciting time and Providence looks forward to this opportunity of serving the community in new ways that are needed most.


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