Community Health Assessment

Citywide Community Health Needs Assessment

Providence commits to conducting a community health needs assessment (CHNA) every three years to understand the health and health care status of DC residents. The assessment will guide the Providence in targeting its resources to achieve the greatest impact on health and wellness at a population-level.

The most recent assessment was released in June 2013. This assessment was conducted in partnership with the DC Healthy Communities Collaborative (DCHCC): a consortium of DC hospitals and community health centers who have joined forces to reduce health disparities and increase healthy equity for the most vulnerable DC populations. Providence is a founding member of the DCHCC.

The DCHCC partnered with the RAND Corporation to conduct this study.  It is a first-of-its-kind citywide assessment providing a comprehensive report of the health and health care of residents in the District of Columbia. The assessment relied heavily on data within the DC Health Matters portal. The assessment is a unique blend of both quantitative data and qualitative community perspectives that provides comprehensive and grassroots view of the state of health in the District. 

Summary Findings 

The CHNA revealed six priority areas: asthma, obesity, mental health, sexual health, stress related disorders (e.g., headache, back pain), and general access to health services. Priority areas were determined using a combination of quantitative (administrative, survey) and qualitative (focus group) data analysis, as well as considering broader national health priority areas, paying particular attention to issues that have persisted over the last decade or experienced a recent increase or spike in the District.

Despite high insurance rates for District residents, health care services are not evenly distributed by ward, creating significant challenges to access.  There is a need for the expansion of these services, as well as greater care coordination between health and social services to help residents navigate the system and obtain needed services.

Download District of Columbia Community Health Needs Assessment report- Providence Executive Summary (PDF)

Download District of Columbia Community Health Needs Assessment report- Full report (PDF)

Planning for Action

To respond to the findings of the needs assessment the DCHCC, with input from community stakeholders, developed a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).  To engage our community stakeholders in this process, the DCHCC conducted a community forum that provided an opportunity for health professionals, public and elected officials, non-profit organizations, academia, businesses, parents and families, and individual citizen-advocates to review the findings from the assessment. Forum participants then assisted with developing and supporting a citywide community health improvement plan that responds to the findings of the assessment. The community health improvement plan provides a targeted and coordinated approach to addressing the priority areas with the ultimate goal of improving local health and quality of life for DC residents.

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